Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still Life and Expensive Passions

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For this pursuit of indoor photography I mentioned, I will have plenty of subjects for still life studies similar to the one above. Like any other self-respecting horseman, The Husband has quite a collection of tack. If I could still ride, I would have two expensive interests—both involving a great deal of gear.

That is a distinct similarity between the horse and photography worlds. For photographers, the temptation to add cameras, lenses, and bags seems never to end. Similarly, for the horse owner, there is always another bit you need, a better fitting and/or lighter saddle, a new set of reins, girth, or blanket to replace the old worn equipment, as well as new boots and shoes for yourself and the horse. Then there are the smaller items that get lost or simply wear out such as halters, lead robes, brushes, hoof picks, leg wraps, curry combs, buckets, and well you get the idea. Besides all this, you have to buy land or pay for a stable to keep the horse. (There is a reason so many horse people drive old beat up cars).

Oh well, at least cameras don’t eat—or do they? CF or SD cards? Still, there is perhaps an even more critical difference in the price to be paid for these two passions: cameras don’t leave piles of poop to be cleaned up.

Hmm. Come to think of it, maybe thanks to some operators, even that isn’t true.

Addendum: This one is a found still. I didn't look around for a clean bit. If you check the larger size, you'll see that the bit didn't get cleaned and I didn't set up any lighting. Just playing, so far.


  1. 'cameras don’t leave piles of poop to be cleaned up.'

    Oh, but for film photographers they leave piles of negs to be developed and scanned.

  2. Not to mention, all those pixels that fill our hard drives.

    Furthermore, I was thinking that maybe, too often, what I produce with my camera is mostly piles of poop.

    Thanks for dropping by and providing a smile.

  3. "Furthermore, I was thinking that maybe, too often, what I produce with my camera is mostly piles of poop.
    LOL! I think that we may all need to muck the stalls more frequently, instead, we just buy more stalls ... some of us call them hard drives! :-)

    Yes, it is a lovely and expensive hobby, but it does require upkeep. Hmmm, maybe I need to do a bit of muck raking soon!

  4. Now, I am truly laughing out loud. That's it—the latest and most chic of all photography gear: a muck rake. Paul, maybe you will have to set up a website and market this item. Be sure to include a cool logo on the handle.

    Goodness knows I need to muck a few of the "stalls" on my desk and stop buying new ones.

  5. Well, that's the first time that I've ever seen a muck rake! :-)

  6. Paul, you fooled me. You sounded like a man with some experience. So, now you know the tool we need.


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