Monday, June 16, 2008

Indoor Poppies in Bear Valley

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The poppies are still blooming in the Tehachapi Mountains and Bear Valley Springs has a healthy share. They add cheer to our un-landscaped property and remind me that, eventually, we will be able to put this difficult period behind us.

We drove up on Saturday and came back to LA Sunday evening and had a nice weekend. Since I am still very much in school mode, as I mentioned, I stayed busy while The Husband cleaned brush in the bright sun. Fire season in California is something we take seriously. I know that makes me sound lazy as all get out—and perhaps I should just plead guilty. However, the real story is that no matter how much I would love to be outside soaking up the sunshine, I am seriously prone to heat stroke (probably as a result of the medications I take, and mostly the ones for high blood pressure). Since I don't get hot, I will think I'm fine—I prefer hot to cold—then bam! after no time at all in the sun, my body simply shuts down to a bare survival mode. No fun. Being determined to make lemonade from the great big bowl of lemons I have been given, I am determined to explore indoor photography. Not my first choice, but I will find a way to fall in love with it.

The photo above is an example of my work in the little indoor studio I have snagged. After all, garages are guy-territory, right? Still there is a window with northern light and it's just too perfect to pass up. Consequently, The Husband, poor fellow, finds me encroaching on his space. Hey, it's a big garage. There's room for both of us. At any rate, a red paint bucket with water, a poppy plant that had to go anyway, since it was intruding on some lavender thoughtfully nurtrured by the former owner, and I had a subject.


  1. Anita, if you have been working with PS7, you should really like some of the great stuff with CS3 but now with the new Browser and a few other changes, a little daunting for a while. The payoff will be worth it with the new Curves Adjustment layer alone.

  2. Doug, right on all counts. Overall, I am glad I made the chage. Working with Smart Objects is very nice, indeed, but I haven't even touched that Curves Adjustment layer. I will look forward to that.

    For now, I tottering along, taking baby steps. I need to take some time to watch the video training DVD that came with it. For example, I miss the old full screen capability where I had nothing but the image onscreen and can't find a way to get rid of those blasted palettes on the right no matter how many windows I close and in spite of going to full screen mode. Everything else disappears—just the palettes on the right. Grrrr. I know I doing something stupid, but I'll learn.


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