Sunday, May 4, 2008


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(I don't know what happened to this post and how it got lost, but I have re-published it. I may have the date wrong, but it went up sometime in early May.)

Today, I awoke in a reflective mood and began to draft some notes in an attempt to state some thoughts and feelings about the place of art projects in my everyday life. After getting close to what I was trying to say, I detoured to read the posts on some of my favorite blogs. I normally do that first with my breakfast, but decided to get really rebellious this morning and shake things up a bit. What a surprise. I found others talking about similar issues, and far more effectively than what I had scribbled and set aside for a moment (those notes still languinsh unfinished). It appears the synchronicity of experiences produced by the SoFoBoMo project may not yet have run its course.

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