Wednesday, May 7, 2008


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I am working on a project, but I can't talk about it because the wrong person might read this post and find out about it too early. Drat. I'm not very good at keeping secrets—my own that is. If you tell me something and ask me to keep it private, my lips are sealed. I mean wild horses couldn't drag it out of me. But, if it's something I am up to, I'm worse than a kid before Christmas. Okay, I just have to give a hint. It's not another SoFoBoMo project—although I am sorely tempted, but it is somewhat related. Now, don't ask me again. Honestly, I could cave in and blow the whole thing.


  1. Well, your secret is safe so far! :-) I haven't a clue!!! Enjoy it.

    Now, as for this picture ... absolutely wonderful! I really like it.

  2. HaHa
    What’s the point of having a secret and not even lettings others know you have a secret. If no one knows you have a secret is it like the falling tree in the forest and no one hears scenario.

    A good secret should be nurtured and savoured amongst guests and if possible even allowed top grow in stature. It must have a life and be whispered about in hidden dark corners.

    Now is this enough to pry those lips loose.(grin)

    Niels Henriksen

  3. Paul: That bird was very cooperative, right? Every so often, I am really sorry I have that 24-105mm lens on the camera, but I decided to go for it anyway. Thanks for the comment. And, I'm relieved that you can't guess.

    Niels: Wonderful! I like your philosophy of secrets. Still, rather than prying my lips loose it seals them tighter.

    Gordon: You rascal.

    Everyone: I really am working on something that's a surprise. And, I hope I am not one surprised by not being able to carry it off. But, I think deep down I just needed something to make me smile and I guessed right. The post brought comments that made me smile, big time. Thanks, everyone. Since you are all up long before I am (way out here on the edge of this continent), this was my morning greeting.


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