Friday, May 23, 2008


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I have completed my second special project in two months and feeling totally drained. Yesterday, I received notice that the order has been shipped. Now, by the first of June, I will know how the venture turned out. Besides being absorbed in that job, I have been hiding out lately—feeling overwhelmed by circumstances. If I am going to post anything for the next few days, it will have to be just some images without words.


  1. I admire your bravery. I've yet to sit down and force myself to finish my first book project. I love creating the images, love printing them, have trouble doing much else with them.

    Sean M.

  2. Sean,if I had your self-discipline (we won't even get into talent and skill, thank you), I wouldn't need the external discipline of such exercises. These projects have been invaluable learning opportunities for me. I got an absurdly late (in life) start with this picture-making thing, and I scramble to keep learning. I hope you will finish your book. I am quite curious as to what you are working on.

  3. OK. You're killing me! I want to know what it is!!! ;-)

  4. Paul, trust me when I can post about this project, it will be a big letdown. I just made something for a friend and don't want to risk that she might read about it here. While putting it together was a great deal of work, it's not something really brave or eye-popping. Once again, I learned quite a lot doing it and, just as important, I made it past all the doubts and reasons to put it off. I just hope it turns out okay and that she like it. I should see it tomorrow—the next day at the latest.


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