Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day

At a site I usually check once or twice a week, Weekly Photo Tips and Tricks, I found this slideshow honoring Memorial Day . I am posting a link and I hope you will check it out. It takes a couple of seconds to load, but it's worth the brief wait.

I wish we would all take time between our barbecues, trips, marathon viewings on TV, etc. to remember why we have this holiday weekend. Viewing the slideshow certainly didn't cheer me up, but it put some things in perspective.


  1. Hello, Anita. I certainly made good on my decision to not take my laptop; however, the Days Inn has a computer, so I'm using it to write drafts of my experiences and I will unleash them all on you guys when I get back.

    No barbequeing for me today, though I wish that I could. We'll just have to settle for Outback!

    I hope that you have a happy Memorial Day!

  2. Paul, it's great to hear from you and a pleasant surprise. Hooray for Days Inn. I so look foward to seeing your photographs.


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