Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Joys of SoFoBoMo

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I am enjoying immensely the obvious elements, or basic mechanics, of the SoFoBoMo project. The part that entails shooting—of course that’s the most fun of all for me—editing, even the writing I was certain I wouldn’t do, but became essential as the project evolved. However, there are some other big payoffs that are, for me, of equal value. I am speaking of the wealth of posts on the topic that have produced a fascinating sort of online seminar that is rich with insight, opinion, and valuable know-how, not to mention the openness of so many who have been willing to reveal their doubts and struggles. A big thank you to Gordon M and Paul L for the pipes they have included on their sites making it easy to keep up with the discussion. Each day, a number of photographers add more squares to this quilt, or mosaic and those tell the stories within the larger story. Fascinating stuff in there. More thoughts about that later.


  1. Sounds like you are having a good time, all round, Anita. I'm really enjoying seeing the variety of blog posts relating to the book project. I'm more excited to start seeing the finished results in a few weeks!

    Personally, I'm feeling a bit exhausted by the whole process - finding all the people, all the shooting, editing the big number of images, putting the whole book together. I'm amazed by just how much time is required.

    At the same time, I'm thinking about starting book two. Must be mad.

  2. I'm enjoying it too, Anita. It's really interesting to see what other people are going through to get their books completed. It's a heck of a journey.

    For now, I've decided to stop shooting in order to make my editing easier ... if that's possible with over 500 pictures, of which only 81 will make the cut. Well, 82 of you count the cover. I won't say why it's 81, but the number is significant, but you'll just have to wait to find out! :-)

  3. "Numbers" is a language I don't speak—other children had bears under their beds at night, I must have had numbers. No way I could make a guess at the meaning, but it certainly will be fun learning the facts behind the choice.

    I think I am putting off the editing and layout, because I have gotten into a comfort zone now with shooting and don't want to leave. Time to give myself a push.

  4. When the time comes to edit, you'll know. :-) Follow your nose. You've been doing fine thus far. BTW, I never commented on Tuesday's post about how much I really like that picture! It is excellent!

  5. Paul, thanks for the encouragement on both fronts. Regarding Tuesdays picture: when that moment presented itself, I was holding my breath hoping to nail the exposure. What a relief when it worked.

  6. Gordon—a man after my own heart. Exhausted and still fool enough to be toying with possibilities of the next project—and the next. I am putting in way too many hours on this and wishing I had more! Like you, I find myself fantasizing about the next book, and the one after that. In my case, I would be better off thinking about how we can sell this house. It's rather intoxicating, isn't it?


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