Tuesday, April 15, 2008


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Last Friday, we went to Bear Valley for a couple of days and came home to hold an Open House with our realtor. Then I had a day of feeling rather dreadful. The combination of experiences has knocked me totally off my game. Today, I feel much better and because I did manage to get a number of chores done yesterday, that at least shortened the to-do list.

Over the last couple of weeks, we had adjusted to having two offers on the house fall through, then last week the fellow who had committed to buying The Husband’s business—a fellow who had, for years, been asking for an opportunity to buy should the business ever be for sale—how do I put this delicately? Well, he turned out to be jerk and not a man of his word. His whining and backtracking on his offer finally wore us down and we said, “Get lost.” So, it was back to another offer that had been rejected and fortunately that buyer appears to be eager to complete the deal with all the money up front. So, we are off again.

I was already somewhat nervous about this retirement idea, and as much as I attempt to stay focused on this grand life adventure, I occasionally slip into anxiety about our future. That phrase, fixed income, is about to become shockingly real. Since leaving college, I have always shared equally in earning household income and reveled in my sense of self-sufficiency. This will be brand-new territory for me.

The only concrete thing I accomplished yesterday related to SoFoBoMo was some experimentation with color correction on files using the Blurb profile, and I caught up on the reading I missed out on over the long weekend. The time I spent on color correction convinced me that I will not print this version of this book. For this project I would rather spend the time shooting, editing, and writing. This time around it will be a PDF.

In the meantime, I am picking up all sorts of information about out-sourced printing, color management, the thought process behind projects, and the list goes on. So far, it’s still a great ride.

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