Sunday, March 16, 2008

Macro Misses

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Up until a few days ago, the Canon100mm macro I got at the first of the year has been sitting in the bag. This past week I have finally had some time for photography again, now that we have our house on the market and I am making the most of this breather. Not surprisingly, I am running smack up against the demands of macro photography. I am developing a closer relationship with my tripod and thinking about buying some knee pads. I certainly am getting more familiar with deleting images, but I am having a great time experimenting.


  1. Macro is fun. I did some yesterday, too! One thing that I encourage you to invest in is one or two Chinette paper plates or platters. These are very durable, except in the rain, and make for great reflectors and gobos (go betweens for blocking light). Also, for a translucent screen, nothing beats a small needle stitch hoop and a bit of sheer white cloth!

    All told, you'll spend about 5 or 6 bux and this will allow you to shoot all day no matter what the light!!! BTW, you've gotta keep that tripod handy because you'll need your hands to old the reflector or the hoop! ;-)

  2. Paul, thanks for the terrific suggestions. I knew I was going to need some help with lighting issues and those are great solutions. I hope I may ask you some more questions as I continue to experiment. This is fun, new territory.

  3. Anita, by all means, ask as many questions as you want! :-)

  4. Look out, you may have to amend that statement eventually. Thank you for the generous offer.


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