Wednesday, December 5, 2007


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One day last week, I spent some time with the original of this image from the West Fork Trail of Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona. As I processed the shot, I began exploring my feelings about the scene and wanted to see if I could produce something that would convey some of those impressions. It was a Photoshop kind of day. What you see is the result of losing myself in memory and listening to impulses disconnected from literal reality. I will know more about my response, when I get around to printing it.


  1. Anita,

    Very nice and painterly. I like it. One suggestion might be to crop out the ground. This would give it a less realistic "grounding." Anyway just a thought. I like it. Beau

  2. Beau, thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate the suggestion. I definitely will take a look at that possibility.

  3. On mods to the image... I think I prefer the original, rooted in the ground seems to add another dimension, for me anyway.

  4. Bob - Another reminder that it's about individual taste. I ended up preferring it this way. Thanks for dropping by.


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