Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tips for casual photographers

A couple of weeks before we left on our grand Colorado excursion, I had decided to splurge on a smaller, "everyday" camera. I love the 20D and my old dRebel (which was the original model in that line) is still a good camera. However, I don't carry one of those cameras every time I leave the house. While not exactly gigantic, they are a little heavy and bulky. I went for the Canon G7 and love it. It's a great little camera and it's easy to tote around without being in the way. There is something about using that camera that makes me feel free to point the camera up through the windshield while riding in the car (passenger seat—not driving!) and take silly shots like this one:

Still, the main point of this post was that buying a "point and shoot" made me think about people like my brother and sister, neither of whom wants to make anywhere near the commitment to photography that I have made. Some time ago I was led to this site with some useful tips I wanted to pass on, not only to my siblings, but anyone else just dipping a toe in the pond.

The "Top 10 Tips for Great Pictures" at the Kodak website is a terrific place to begin.
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