Sunday, July 29, 2007

Digital Housekeeping Chores

I am immersed in the massive task of backing up files—not exactly exciting and creative, but part of life with computers. No one likes to back up files. You do it because you're terrified you will wait until it's too late. I run across this phrase constantly: "It's not a matter of 'if' your hard drive will fail, but 'when it will fail'." Comforting, right?

At least this time around, I ran into some super bargains when picking up external hard drives. Best Buy had Western Digital and Seagate drives on sale. Both those sales are over, or I would recommend them to you. Unfortunately, I caught them late in the cycle. But, not to worry. The prices on storage are plummeting. For example, I got a 500GB Seagate for $129.00. And, I remember how steep prices were when I bought my first 200GB drive a few years ago. With these low prices, it has now reached a point where external drives offer a far superior backup system, in my opinion. I would never go back to that laborious procedure of burning DVDs.

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