Sunday, January 13, 2013

Unexpected Goals

Galen is always ready for a run
(Click here for the bigger, better version)
While I had not finished a post about my goals for the new year, I thought my list was close to being complete. I thought that I just needed to settle on how to frame my thoughts. The idea of a new camera had not occurred to me. The cost and weight of Canon's 1D cameras had always stopped me and nothing else had been irresistible. I hadn't bought a camera since mid-2009. 

Then, a friend began talking about his new 7D. I told myself that I was merely curious. Because I had pretty much made my peace with the fact that the 1Dx was out of my league, I would stick with the trusty old 50d. Still, I succumbed to the temptation to look up the specs for the 7D at B&H and found myself thinking, "How have I overlooked this?!"  Reading the specs and reviews, along with yet another conversation with my local friend, convinced me that this was a good compromise for me. Not the 1Dx, to be sure, but a definite step up from the 50D which, in its three plus years, has served me well. 

Since The Husband was asking if I would ever decide on a birthday and Christmas present, I figured a new camera was a good answer. Now, I have added a new and unexpected item to my list of goals. In fact, this one has to go near the top: Learn to use the new-to-me focusing mechanism for the Canon 7D. I had long been restricted to 9 focusing points. Now, I have 19 and new focusing modes to master. I will likely have a very tired shutter finger and an even more muddled brain before I can effectively use the new features, but plan to have fun learning. 

Naturally, Galen, was drafted for one of my first practice sessions.

I have posted another new image from my new camera here. See what you think about it.


  1. Learning the 7D will be a labor of love. We are using the 50D at the Museum and I'd be interested in your impressions of the 7D after you have become familiar with it. It may be the logical next camera for the Museum, although the 50D is doing fine and still looks like new since it never leaves the studio.

    1. I still like the 50D very much and will continue to use it. I like having a camera all set up with a lens and ready to go as a back up, or for a different lens choice. I think I will appreciate the options offered by the 7D, but I am not certain you will need it for the museum. I will keep you posted and we can talk more about it after I have some more experience.

      I am hopping mad that my blog cannot be accessed! Google has really ticked me off. Since they took over blogger they seem hell-bent on destroying it. Every other day they change something and never with any notice. It is maddening.

      Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to figure out how to make that blog visible again. Grrrr!

    2. Ken, I still can't access your blog. I hope you will be back online soon.


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