Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deadline Pressure

I am feeling the pressure now. Our next Art Show comes up December 10 and 11 and you didn't need me to tell you that I came up with last minute "inspirations" and got myself in some deadline trouble. Tell the truth. You wouldn't believe it was me, if I did it any differently.

If I am more flaky than usual in the next several days, you will know where I am and what I am doing.

The photo above is from my last flurry of exploration with the LensBaby before my incarceration in the studio and office, sentenced to more days of mounting, matting, and framing along with sign production.

I was sick as a dog last Sunday, but refused to completely waste the day. Instead, I watched videos and read tips for using the LensBaby. Periodically, I put a couple of small items on the dining table and went searching again for that !?**@$ sweet spot.

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  1. Hate to see you incarcerated but sounds like a must do job. I assume the husband will be near by to help if needed and provide nourishment. Good luck but more importantly, have fun!

  2. I love your latest Lensbaby creation. Good luck with your preparations for the next sale - and the actual sale as well. Be well......

  3. Monte—Electronic greetings to cheer me up during the incarceration will be welcome, since there are no visiting hours, of course. Arrangements have been made for nourishment and time off for sleeping. Thanks for your concern and I promise to have loads of fun.

  4. Roberta—Your comment is most welcome. I feel I am just beginning to get a sense of how I will use the lens and I am eager to play! Knowing, now, that you are a fan of the LenBaby and being an admirer of your work, I appreciate the kind words about this photograph.

    Thanks for the good luck wishes. I am looking forward to the event.

  5. Well, I like this shot. It's nice when you get a LB shot that works. For me they were few and very, very far between! :)

  6. Anita,

    Looks like the sweetspot is in the lower center of the photo - is that about right?

    Good luck with your next show!

  7. Paul—I suspect that my stubbornness will prevail. I will stay with it now that I have had a wee bit of success in finding the sweet spot. However, I suspect there will always be an element of serendipity involved. Isn't that part of the appeal of the lens?

    Thanks for your comment.

  8. John—I hope left of center. And, I can't remember which aperture much less which of those rowels I was focusing on there on the left side. There is still a great deal of blundering around in the dark at this point.

    Thank you for the good wishes. Very much appreciated.

  9. Good luck with getting everything organised! I'm sure you'll get it all done just in time :)

  10. JP—I am working hard to finish a couple of days early, thus allowing time to catch my breath before the weekend. But, I wouldn't place any bets. Thanks for your good wishes.

  11. I won't keep you too long because I know you have a ton of work to complete. I wish I could help, I like matting and framing and I'm pretty good at it.

    Your LensBaby skill continue to improve. This is another very well composed shot, with the sharpness in just the right places. NICE!

  12. Ken—Thank you for the compliment on the photo. I think, with some time invested, I will have a great deal of fun with this new adventure.

    You are welcome to stop by and do all the framing and matting you care to. I like the quiet contemplative aspect of the job; but, my back has a different story to tell.

  13. Nice one! You brought out the texture of the leather very well too. A bit of nit-picking here: If the center of focus would be on the screw instead of the lower left "spokes" [I don't know what these are called on the spurs] - it would hold the composition much better in my opinion.

  14. Anil—That is so interesting to me, because I had the impulse to put the focus there, then stifled that impulse. I felt so rotten that I didn't take time to explore both. Thanks to your reminder, I will return to this subject, after this show.

    Thank you for your comment. "Nit-picking" appreciated. By the way, the "spokes" (great name for them) are called "rowels". Not sure how many times that information would prove useful, but there it is.


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