Thursday, October 27, 2011

No New Address

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Someone new to my blog might deduce that I live either in a horse barn or somewhere on Highway 58. Nope. I haven't moved. No pun intended there. Calling what I feel "restless" would be a disservice to the English language. At least, I can find a small silver lining. Whenever I can sit at the computer, I do spend time combing through old folders for those files that I passed over for one reason, or another. I am clinging to that old wisdom (or is it wishful thinking): "When one door closes, another opens." Heck, I am up for testing the windows at this point!

Looking forward to the next small show in the teeming community of the Tehachapi Valley, I have purchased some metal easels through Amazon. they are sufficient for my needs, but gee, could they only find beginner welders? Not ready for prime time. Another two easels that The Husband picked for me when he was in LA will have to be returned. They are too heavy for me to handle. It is difficult for him—or anyone else—to imagine how little weight I can muscle around.

Since the latest two purchases are a bust, I am reluctantly returning to the Internet solution. The easels are to help me be more independent with my little art show obsession, and I am still a couple short. I have a little time to research, but burn out pretty quickly shopping online. Let's face it. I burn out quickly with any sort of shopping. It is a nasty chore.


  1. I feel your pain about shopping. As much as I like internet shopping, I only buy things that I know I'll like. Buying stuff that you can't get your hands on is sometimes disappointing. I like to patronize local merchants when I can but some of their prices are just too darn high. Amazon is highly rated by Consumer reports, so it's a pretty safe bet that they'll take merchandise back, and they have everything under the sun. Good luck finding what you need.
    BTW, exceptional photo today. From the archives perhaps?

  2. Ken—I spend too much time online when I do shop because I am picky and have to do some reading about what I am buying. Like you, I want to handle the item and see what it really looks like. Assessing materials is a wild guess when on line. I shop online when I give up on local.

    I am so pleased that you like the photo. Yes, this one was from a trip to Bakersfield in mid-September. A lot of cattle raised in that stretch along the highway. One huge ranch and several smaller operations make the best of those rolling foothills.

  3. Have you check Dick Blick yet? They have a good selection of display easels and include the weight on many of them.

  4. Roberta - I have looked at so many sites I can't even remember. Thanks for the reminder. I have purchased from Dick Blick many times in the past and will check that out. Good idea.

  5. I'm not much of an internet shopper, well maybe some good old fashioned window shopping and reading a few reviews. I have ordered most of my camera gear via the internet, but that's about it.

    So, if you don't live in a barn or along Highway 58, you must be nomadic, pitching the tent wherever you find level ground and fresh water. I personally think you live in a beautiful valley.

    "be more independent with my little art show obsession." I love it!

  6. Monte—Internet shopping is an unpleasant by-product of where we live and my current inability to drive the distance to the nearest city. I used to swear that I would never succumb. Yet another lesson in being careful about what you think you can control.

    I end up buying all my camera gear, including memory cards, and printing supplies from B&H. Because I am a member of NAPP, I get free shipping from them. The alternative is making a trip to Los Angeles and the costs of gasoline has to be factored in.

    Thank you, I do live in a beautiful valley and I am grateful that there is no tent involved.

    I must say that The Husband experiences an appropriate sense of alarm when I become obsessed with a new project. He knows too well what I will be like for some time to come when I fixate on a target.


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