Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Puppy Dogs and Flowers

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A couple of days ago, I recklessly promised photos of dogs and flowers to balance all the angst and drama around here. Still feeling a bit lazy, I thought I would see if I could get away with a cheat and combine the two.

As I have mentioned previously, Galen loves to perch on benches. If I hadn't met the dam and sire, I might wonder about our dog's heritage. Never in my life have I had a dog who so loves to perch on benches even the bedroom window seat for a good view. Heck, given an opportunity, he moves from the window seat to the window sill.

One day while hanging out by my rocking chair—no doubt lulled by the clicking of the virtual keyboard in my lap, our pup suddenly succumbed to an ill-advised impulse to leap up on the windowsill beside us. There is no window seat in the living room; but, I suppose, in that tiny doggy brain, he thought such a convenience was superfluous. Needless to say, I was yanked to attention by a crash on my left and the sight of a rather stunned looking pup scrambling to his feet.

In the bedroom, transitioning from the window seat to the sill is a piece of cake. Still, as you form your mental image of this maneuver, keep in mind that Galen is not one of those tiny, delicate Shelties. He is one of the "big boys" from the litter—just over the limit for showing. That, of course, broke our hearts. Such plans we had for the little one. Dreams dashed before he fully matured. I hope you realize that the last part was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. We bought him with full intention of loving and reveling in being loved. We needed no more. It was a wise investment.


  1. One look at him and it's love at first sight. He's beautiful. I don't know much about show dogs, but we love to watch the Westminster Show and we always pick our favorites, usually one of the bigger breeds. I don't think Galen and Emo would get along - Emo will never give up his window seat.

  2. A lovely story, Anita. I really like Galen and would love to see some of his antics. They are funny and heartwarming, indeed. :) He's so cute!

  3. Anita, so glad that things in your part of the world have returned to condition normal!

  4. Combining the two is fine but of course Galen will always take center stage, as is only right. He's a handsome guy. Tell him it's okay to be a little over the "limit," --so am I. ;-)

  5. I understand this completely, although having no dog in the family. We have two cats, on the other hand, two lovely personalities which we treasure very much.

  6. Well, there is always Hollywood! :-) Galen certainly has the looks and the poses for it.


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