Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweet Nectar and Nostalgia

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By now, a blind man could see that I am hopelessly ensnared by nostalgia. As I browsed old folders searching for the photo of the garden angel, I came across a picture of peaches, also taken in the backyard of our home in the San Fernando Valley. The peach tree, planted by previous owners, bore gushing, sinfully sweet and delicious fruit fit for gods. There is no way any mere photograph could do justice to such a fruit. Still, I decided that, at least, I might romanticize the photo a bit and convey some of my wistfulness by adding a couple of those Shadowhouse textures.

Did you ever taste a fruit so perfectly balanced with sweet and tart that you will never forget it's nectar? So delicious that you cannot resist licking the sticky juice off that finger? Any fruit is better, of course, if eaten immediately after having been plucked from the tree. Aiming for perfection, let us hope this experience was savored on a warm, sunny day with just a hint of breeze and you could tilt your head back slightly, close your eyes, and hear the leaves rustle as you counted your blessings.

Ahhhh, nostalgia. Digging into dusty boxes from the cellar or attic, perusing a tattered photo album, or searching through old folders on a hard disc—there isn't that much difference. Mostly, the memories are wrapped in the sweetness of time's healing and today's remembering softens the sharp edges of a time gone by.


  1. OMG these look so luscious and full of juicy flavor. Coming back to hot and humid Bangladesh from the mountains of India which were abundant with peaches, nectarines, green gages, green almond and apricot - hmmm just loved seeing this image of goodness!

  2. This, in my opinion, is the reason why photography is so powerful - they can transport you to another time and place and for those lucky enough to have an active imagination, the breeze, the aroma, the taste of that time. YOU have that imagination and I think that makes you a more creative photographer that the average.
    The photo is lovely, by the way. Reminds me of Kodachrome!

  3. Anil - thank you. It is lovely to learn that I triggered some of your sweet memories. The mountains of India sound like the perfect place to escape to when it is hot and humid at home.

  4. Ken - Thank for all your kind and generous thoughts about my work. I appreciate the comment.

    I have admitted that I have no personal experience with Kodachrome, but I have acquired a fairly strong sense of the meaning of that comparison and I like it—a lot. It seemed right for this one. Thanks.

  5. " the memories are wrapped in the sweetness of time's healing and today's remembering softens the sharp edges of a time gone by." - Love this way of looking at it!

  6. Mark - It seems to me to explain some things. I am pleased that it suits you, too. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Peaches are not one of my favorite fruits but your depiction and luscious description of them certainly makes them appeal to me in the moment. I think as we grow older nostalgia becomes more dear to us -- perhaps because at a certain point in our lives we must acknowledge there's more time and experiences behind us then we can hope for ahead of us. It's not living in the past...but savoring the past from our new perspectives of the the present. Lovely photo, story and post!

  8. Earl - You have explained nostalgia perfectly. It certainly rings true for me. I am quite taken with your interpretation: "Savoring the past from our new perpective"—wish I had said that. I appreciate your thoughts, as always.


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