Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ready for the Show, Finally

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On Friday, the final print was framed and ready to deliver for the show next Saturday. Since that piece is large and heavy (for me), the Husband pitched in and helped. Each time I finish even a medium-sized piece, I swear I will never do another. Why not make 11x14 my top size and save myself the headache? Why even go as large as 16x20? Not only are the larger pieces unwieldy to handle, but where do all those dust specks come from?! The piece just finished is 20x26 and every square inch was a dust magnet. I sometimes think, with a larger frames, that I will use an entire can of compressed air before turning the piece over to see a clean mat under the glass.

And speaking of sizes, I have become enamored of 6x9 prints in 11x14 frames. The 11x14 frame is the practical side of me. It's a standard, after all, and I am only slowly transitioning into some experimenting. One step at a time. The 6x9 prints certainly are not out there on some sort of frontier, but I had avoided that size in an effort to save money, frankly. Unfortunately, custom framing is an investment, for me, and I would rather be able to hang more prints by saving on readily available mats. Now, however, I have decided to indulge my affinity for the 6x9 print. After all, the more mats I purchase the better the discount. (See how easy rationalization can be?)

I never reported on my first order of framing kits from Frame Destination. They are outstanding. Every mat is flawless. The frames are beautifully built and they include excellent hardware. I could not be more pleased. I am expecting a package Tuesday and, yesterday, I placed yet another order. It appears that as long as I don't run out of money, I will be getting packages from the Dallas, Texas area.

I am working on some new pieces, but everything is still in flux. Eventually, I will share some of the work here, but for now I will post this photo from a brief outing last Sunday. We took one of those Sunday family drives down into Caliente Creek Canyon. The repeated rain storms along with the snow melt feeds a handful of waterfalls  dumping into the creek, and that trickle of water we have seen in the past is transformed. At end of winter the previously harmless stream threatened homes and tore up quite lot of road. I wished that I could have gotten out and walked more during this trip, but concentrated on being grateful for the opportunity to see the creek roaring along. By mid-summer it will, once again, be no more than a trickle.


  1. Anita, there are so many variables which go into the appeal of a framed photo print. It's certainly not just the subject and the photo but also the type of material it's printed on, the matting and frame, the glass or acrylic finish and even the proportion of the print, mat and frame. So combining that print and frame size might be a smart move.

    I'm always on the look-out for a good supply of frames and will check out Frame Destination...thanks for mentioning them.

    A truly lovely photo of the creek...something special about running water (as long as it's below flood stage.)

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Lately, I am giving more attention to all the things that create that appeal. Perhaps I am getting a better handle on this. We shall see.

    I hope you are as satisfied with the materials from Frame Destination as I am.

    Yes, running water calls out to a photographer, doesn't it? You are so right about the level of water. I would not have wanted to be in that canyon during the heavy rains that sent the creek over its banks. It is a deep canyon with the only way out for miles being along the creek.

  3. You can get some special framer's cleaning cloths that do a very good job of removing the dust from the glass; I bought one from a specialist supplier some years ago. Best of luck with the event.

  4. Colin - Thanks for that tip. I will look into the cleaning cloths. I think my major problem may be lint in the air. I clean the glass, then it attracts more. Frame Destination probably has those cloths, and I never noticed. Thanks for the good wishes, I know I will enjoy the party.

  5. A beautiful photo, Anita. There is a special attraction to running water for photographers. We MUST photograph it.
    I am fast running out of wall space for framed prints. I did a wall of photos last year (about 10 in all) and I don't know what to do next. I have one blank wall above my desk and I'm undecided about much needed shelving or prints.

  6. Ken - Thanks for the comment on the photo. If I lived near very near a river or substantial creek, I would need even more external hard drives.

    I am not all that far away from running out of wall space. It is a common complaint. In a couple of places, we put up those photo shelves and that is working out. I like the ease of rotating displays that they provide.

  7. I love hearing stories about your preparations. I've only ever framed two prints in my life and didn't do a good job at it. LOL. Perhaps one day I shall acquire or build the patience for it, but for now, I'm just happy shooting and sharing. :)

    Catch that creek while you can before it goes down to a trickle.

  8. Paul - If I could be more mobile, I suspect that I might be in your camp. Making pictures is more fun than printing and framing. Still, there is a sense of satisfaction in "completing" the cycle, so to speak, by framing the print.

    Things are quite busy here, but I hope to see the creek once more before summer. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Ahhh, good news from the western front. Hope it all goes well at the show and waiting to hear about it all in a future post.

  10. Monte - Thanks for the comment. I will be certain to tell about our fun at the reception. I hope there is no news to report as far as delivering the pieces to the club is concerned.


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