Thursday, April 21, 2011

Creative Minds and Crash Landings

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Do you frequently come crashing to earth after completing a challenge? That is typical for me. During the last hours—even days in some cases—before crossing the finish line, I am frequently running on fumes and lose sight of how much real energy I can afford to expend. After the excitement is over, I discover that I was dipping into the reserves. It took time to store those reserves, I am reminded. Deplete them and you need time to restore.

That sums up fairly well where I am now. I have big plans for this next project that is already begun, plenty of enthusiasm, some work done, and ideas galore; but, the engine isn't turning over.  I know that the problem is exacerbated by the spectre of The Husband's surgery that is just days away. I try my best to put those family concerns in that folder for all the things that I can't do anything about.  You know. We try to sort out what we can fix, what we can improve on, what we can prepare for, and mark clearly the things that are out of our control.

For years, I have been on a mission to get better at sorting things into those neat little piles. But, sometimes it's like trying to sort feathers, outside, on a windy day. Things keep ending up in the wrong darned pile.

Getting back to creative matters—oops, that was a strong gust of wind—I am quite taken with the metallic paper prints from Bay Photo Lab. Seeing those prints up at the show Saturday and hearing the responses caused me to look at some things differently. Now, as part of my next project, I find myself inspired to tinker with some old favorites and rework them in a way to (I hope) maximize the appeal of that paper. The sad news is that I finished re-working one piece Monday, and that is as far as I've gotten with revisions for metallic paper. Running on two cylinders for a few days. No point in fighting it.

The image above is the piece in the show that was printed on metal. Since I got a code for a discount on metal prints, I suppose I will replace the sold one and take advantage of the offer.


  1. This is just the kind of image that looks spectacular printed on a metal plate. I have yet to try Bay Photo. I'll need some prints this summer but it looks like summer is never gonna get here.
    You need to recharges those batteries. I suggest 2-3 days of r&r and put everything on a back burner. There is little sense in wearing yourself out. Of course, that's easy for me to say, but you do need to take care.

  2. Ken - Thanks for your very interesting comments. Having had no experience with prints on metal, I didn't know if I was making a good choice or not when I ordered this one. It was an opportune time to get lucky.

    I look forward to my next order from Bay Photo to see if they continue to impress. I know what you mean about summer never coming. This afternoon, we have a cold wind blowing, and we had rain this morning.

    Thanks for the encouragement on recharging. It seems that I don't seem to have a choice this time. I certainly need to be strong next week.

  3. Anita, you are a busy woman! :) I'm impressed with your get-up-and-go, despite your personal aches and pains; however, I will have to side with Ken on this one. He's a wise man, even if his blog purports to be 100% fact free! ;)

    Make sure you take a bit of R&R. Those projects will certainly be there when you are rested, probably more. They tend to multiply when you turn away. :)

    I'd love to see this print in person. I'll bet that it is absolutely stunning on metal, and I've never even seen a metal print. I can just imagine, though.

  4. Paul - Well, I aspire to being much busier than my body will let me be, but it is busy for me.

    You know that Ken is a noble guy in his determination to maintain his fact-free promise; but sometimes his wisdom sneaks through, doesn't it?

    Projects do multiply in the dark, don't they? I am grateful that someone else noticed!

    I don't know how many often I will do prints on metal, due to the expense; but, I am glad I made a lucky choice on this one. It created a lot of conversation. I wish you could see it. I would love your up-close opinion.

    In contrast, I highly recommend the metallic paper and plan to repeat its use, often. It isn't pricey and really adds to the three pieces I did for the show.

  5. Anita, I believe what you're experiencing is pretty normal. Sometimes it helps to pause, mentally step away, and take stock of the situation.

    A few months ago this blog was silent and I would guess your focused at that time was more on day-to-day existence rather then creative projects. Now look at're blogging regularly (Yaaahoo), have just finished a creative project culminating in a successful show with sales and have already begun other creative endeavors.

    It sounds more about how fast rather then what is getting done. Look around for whoever is cracking that whip and tell them to back off a little...oh, wait that would be you. :-)

    I can imagine this image with it's wonderful lighting is breathtaking on metallic paper. Have a great weekend!

  6. Earl - I had to laugh when I came to the part about who is cracking the whip. Who squealed on me? You sure have my number. These last few days have been mostly about restoring those reserves I had.

    This is actually the one that was on metal, and lighting did do some neat things to it. When it came to what to print on metallic paper, I got some invaluable tips from your earlier comments about your experience. Thank you for all your thoughts.

  7. Having by chance entered this blog, I just want to say - great photo chosen as the heading of this article - not only being of natural beauty, it does fit the topic just perfectly !

  8. Irina - Welcome! I am delighted that you dropped in, whether by accident or design. Thank you for your comment and I certainly hope you will visit often.


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