Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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If you want to set off a spell of some serious daydreaming, check out Mary Ann's post, Playtime. I doubt you will be jealous of the uninvited guests that share her play-space, but the notion of your very own special place will have your imagination running wild. Check it out, if you dare. Her post just may get me in serious trouble and someday put a nasty dent in our savings. Ah, I can dream.


  1. Aren't you kind! It definitely won't make the next issue of Where Women Create, but it's like having your very own clubhouse. Except for the spiders...

    I love this photo, Anita.

  2. Mary Ann - I thought others would enjoy a bit of fantasizing about a roomy studio—without spiders and yellow jackets, of course. We can all dream about the perfect studio, right?

    Thank you for the comment on the photo. I think I would like to get out again the next foggy day we have.

  3. This is a really neat photo, Anita. I love to shot the fog, but it's rare around here.
    I like the clubhouse idea. I may work on that someday.

  4. Ken - Thanks for the comment. I am so glad you like the photo. I am a sucker for trees. Add the path and I'm on it.

    I am beginning to develop a taste for photography on foggy days. We have much more fog here than I had been accustomed to. It is growing on me.

    I can't get Mary Ann's post about her studio out of my mind. Mine would cost a fortune for the heat and air I would whine for, but oh, what a joy!

  5. Anita, I think you might like trees as much as I do! :)

    I love fog as well and you have used it to make a really neat photograph. Fog creates such mystery as it drapes itself over landscapes.

    I have slides that I shot in the Smokey Mountains on rainy days that are so dreamy!

  6. Boyd - Thank you for your comment on the photograph. I can't imagine getting along with anyone who didn't like trees.

    I'm sure your slides are wonderful. I only ever saw the Smokeys one day during a long road trip decades ago (didn't carry a camera in those days), but the experience left a deep impression. On a rainy day. Oh, my, dreamy sounds right.

    I haven't photographed in rain. Maybe I will have to get past my wimpiness and try that some day.


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