Thursday, November 12, 2009

Detours and New Directions

(Click on the thumbnail for the bigger, better version)

Whew! I’ve been running half-a-dozen different directions most of the time, and then barely functional for a couple of days. Hmm. Not so unusual, come to think of it. As a result, I am behind on most of the things that I like to keep up to date. I haven’t had time to read many of the new posts at the sites of fellow bloggers much less leave comments, and I have sadly neglected my own blog. I have a fistful of new photos that I want to post here, but I don’t yet have them ready. To top it off, I am still recovering from a sick day. Side note for the youngsters out there: When you are retired, “a sick day” means you are just plain sick. It doesn’t mean a day when you are feeling less than your best, or a day taken off to handle errands.

Since most of the diversions in the last week have been pleasant ones, I’ll talk about those and put the others behind me. The first of the month, I did a photo session with two friends and their horses. Even the obstacles presented by a far less than an ideal background and not-so-great lighting didn’t spoil the fun.

Much of the time the last week was been taken up by a new interest. No, I haven’t taken up skateboarding. I don’t know who insists on promoting that rumor, and my “Sweet Home Alabama” experience most certainly did not convince me to sign up for Dancing With the Stars”. It’s all about photography, and you will hear more about it in the days to come. Believe me, you will probably hear more than you want to, since I am quite immersed in this. Isn’t that mean to leave you hanging? Remember, at my age, and with my humdrum existence, one does what one can to muster an air of mystery and excitement.


  1. Glad you are back I think we were all getting a little lonesome.

  2. this photo--the textures, detail, composition and colors are wonderful.

    Glad to see you're back and I'm holding my breath until you spill you guts on this secret....ok....starting to turn blue.....getting dizzy.....everything's growing dark....

  3. Well, you've certainly tweaked my interest. I'd wondered where you'd gotten off to. Now, I'll just have to use my imagination about what you've been doing. Skydiving? Parasailing? Hang Gliding? Wind Surfing? Do tell!

  4. So nice to see you back, and I love the photo. Wonderful contrast, interesting lines, very attractive to my eye.

    I'm glad you were having some fun while you were away, will wait to hear more. Mary Ann

  5. Beautifully done on the image Anita. I love the strong graphical nature of it, and find it to be an elegant composition.

    I wish you the best of luck in starting your new rock band. Your photos should make for good backdrops on the stage. Oooops - was I not supposed to let that out of the bag yet?

  6. To All: I am so far behind on responding to comments that I will start here and work backwards trying to catch up.

    Ray K - Gee, it's nice to know that I was missed. I did feel a bit lost being cut off from all the important news.

    Earl - I am so pleased that you like the photo. I thought it was lovely of the wind to place the leaf in that position.

    Gracious. I hope you started breathing again. This is too much responsibility for me. I'll tell soon. Promise.

    Paul - Oh, the hang gliding and wind surfing—that's old hat for me. Bored with them, by now and looking for new thrills. Hmmm. Skydiving, that's a thought.

    Mary Ann - Thank you for the comments on the photo. I'm delighted that you like it. This encourages me to try more different things.

    I was having some fun, thanks.

    Mark - I so appreciate the comments on the image. I knew it appealed to me, but a little outside my typical story line. I'm glad it works.

    Doggone it, Mark. You cannot be trusted with a secret. There went my big surprise. Oh, well at least the music will still be a news, I hope.

  7. It's a great image -- sometimes doing something different is more than just good exercise :)

    I've been getting behind on my blogging too (which is why it took almost a week for me to reply to your comment!)... but I also have some good news to blog about when next I have some time to blog about it :)


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