Friday, July 10, 2009

Black Cats and Distractions

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I am not superstitious, but after enjoying this sleek, black cat outside my window on the morning of July 4th, I did have another of those pesky sunstroke/heatstroke/ whatever episodes later in the day. And, this one in spite of thinking that I was doing everything right. Hmm. Maybe that black cat was telling me something. Nah. I’m still not superstitious.

I wish I could tell you that I have been doing all sorts of exciting things since I finished my book, but it would be a fib. Between some instances of just being under the weather, a little hung over from finishing SoFoBoMo, errand-running in Bakersfield and Los Angeles (each of those chews up a day), and distracted by some domestic projects, I haven’t had anything worth writing about. I was pretty certain you weren’t interested in my thoughts about those errands. I even surmised that you wouldn’t have nearly as much fun reading about The Husband and I putting together our new television console as we had completing it. Remember the old days when we bought all our furniture fully assembled?


  1. Well, my father was a carpenter and he did exactly these things: delivered furniture, assembled it, had keys to the private homes of many of his customers, fed the cat when necessary, and ...

    The big chains completely killed off this kind of business. Sure, you can have a semblance of it, at least for obscene amounts of money, but exactly that is, what makes sure it is not the same.

    Nice image. I LOVE cats :)

  2. Andreas - What a great story about your father. We really did have a great time. It was most satisfying to watch the pieces go together. I have always admired the work of fine cabinet makers.

    I thought this cat's eyes (and collar) matching the wild daisies was almost too good to be true. We don't see many cats here—too many coyotes for outdoor cats. Are you able to have a cat with your terribly busy schedule?

  3. At least we can all share in the frustrations of assembling furniture. It is usually one of my most dreaded chores. I will wait until a dresser crumbles to dust before replacing it.

  4. Nice photo! It's amazing how comfortable and self assured a cat can be while perching upon something as unsubstantial as a fence rail. That would be like you or I standing/sitting on a 6 inch wide walkway 2 to 3 floors above the ground--ummm, no thanks!

    Ok, raise your hand if you've ever started putting something together only to find you're missing a critical component or a peice is broken-- instead of inspector numbers on those little slips of paper in the component bags I want names and addresses! ;-)

  5. Mark - I have a feeling that we were uncommonly lucky. We have one shallow drawer (that we may never use, anyway) that is damaged. Otherwise, it went quite smoothly and we actually had such a good time that I have been teasing The Husband saying we must go buy another piece of furniture to put together. Perhaps we will stop while we are ahead.

  6. Earl - You are so right about that balancing act. And that cat couldn't have looked more relaxed. He must eat well at home, or else he is an excellent hunter.

    I have already fessed up that we have a damaged drawer, but it didn't spoil our fun. The Husband feels confident that he can repair it. I do, however, rather like your idea of getting names and addresses.

    I wonder if we had such a good time because we hadn't done it umpteen times and we hadn't had a number of frustrating experiences. Most of our furniture is from flea markets, used furniture stores, family, etc. We don't have enormous amounts of experience with assembling pieces. I can see where putting together your own might wear thin.


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