Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring is Around the Corner

Yesterday we had to go to Los Angeles for a couple of appointments and several odds and ends errands. It wasn’t a fun day, but it started out great. Due to a major accident that rendered our favorite route a non-choice, we took the route west out of Tehachapi and headed down out of the mountains into the San Joaquin Valley. At somewhere around two or three thousand feet elevation, we saw our first spring flowers of the year. All I have for proof is an example of my crazy drive-by photography shown above—we were on a tight schedule and stops were out of the question. But, I promise you that those wild flowers—not to mention the blossoming fruit trees we saw down on the valley floor—surely got hope a-stirring in my heart. Spring is on the way.

The trip to Los Angeles yesterday drove home something I had begun to suspect about myself. After living in Los Angeles for over thirty years, I had become completely spoiled to green plants and flowers year-round and I have been missing that part of the southland. But however much I may miss the green of Los Angeles, I have no real desire to return. I sincerely love living in Bear Valley Springs. It is, after all, a bit like living in a state park, and I am incredibly grateful to live in such a beautiful place. I suppose it simply comes down to another example of the many trade-offs we face in life.

I am looking forward to those spring flowers. It was lovely getting a preview—I admit getting pretty excited at the sight, and I may sneak back for another peek in a few days. Meanwhile, I will concentrate on enjoying the last of winter's very special light and beautiful skies.


  1. Wow! Anita! That was a drive-by shot? LOL! I just now thought about that. L.A. Drive-by 'shooting'! :-) Sorry! I couldn't resist!

    Anyway, there are some trees on the road between Charlotte and Charleston that are starting to spread forth some red leaves. Also, the Crepe Myrtles are starting to show the tiniest of buds. I trust the trees. They know. I'm sure that by the end of next week, the trees will be in full spring atire!

    Lovely shot. Well framed and beautiful.

  2. Paul-Yeah,a bit gross, but I have to admit that is the connection. Unfortunately, it's a phrase that works it's way into your vocabulary when you live in L.A.

    When I reviewed the shots from that morning, I was thinking that drive-by shooting (with a camera, of course) is somewhat similar to "spray-and-pray". In one, you turn on the motor drive and figure you'll get at least one winner. With the drive-by photography you get very few keepers, but, once in while there's something worth keeping and it's fun because you know by all rights you probably shouldn't have gotten anything.

    It was exciting to see all those blossoms. It will be our first spring up here and it should be quite a treat. I look forward to seeing your photos of those Crepe Myrtles.

  3. "Drive by Shooting" This photo techniques could be useful to probably everyone. Myself I haven't figured out how to do it well. Would be good if someone documented the How To.

    I'm kind of interested in how you and your husband decided to move to Bear Valley. It's probably hidden in your blog somewhere and may take me months to find.
    The move seems to change your life style in the direction of more complexity and higher maintenance. This is one of the aspects of life I need to know more about as I will need to make a similar decision myself as retirement looms.

  4. Bob - I do my "drive-by shooting" strictly from the passenger seat, and I don't have any super-special tips to share. Still, you got me thinking that I could write a few words about my quirky habit of snapping away while we hurtle along the highways. After all, when I consider some of the topics I prattle on about, why not?

    And, hey, why not some more about why we moved to Bear Valley Springs? Yes, in some ways life is more complicated (it's definitely the trade-off stuff), but we also escaped a number of complications that chewed up hours of time. More importantly, we find peace of mind here that is close to priceless and it's a gorgeous place.

    Thanks a million for your questions. I notice about myself that I neglect to ask questions when I post on other people's blogs. After all, that's the essence of conversation—asking the other person questions.

  5. @Anita: Watch out! That Bob's a curious one! He'll have you writing all kinds of interesting posts. I'm looking forward to your 'reasons' post. Now, you're on the hook to produce. Pressure! Pressure!

  6. Paul - Hey, it's about time somebody got me to write interesting posts.

    And, what have I done to myself? Every time I say out loud that I will write about something I get distracted and eventually forget. It must be that pressure. ;-)


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