Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fences and Dust Bunnies

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That title may have made you scratch your head. Wait. It makes sense. Sort of. There really is a connection. The material for the fence that will create a pasture out back arrived a few days ago. Don't make me talk about it too much. It's a bittersweet story. Yes, the horses will finally be here at the house. That will save money and right now saving money is a very good thing. On the other hand, a little more open space is gone.

Okay, enough. I have to stay focused. What about the dust bunnies? First, I have to clear up that I'm not talking about the ones that stalk camera sensors. I'm talking about the ones that hide under the couch. Well, in my case they had recently become quite bold and they are no longer just cowering under furniture. Why am I even thinking about dust bunnies? Partly because of emboldened dust bunnies, I have been distracted for a couple of days by the imminent arrival of a house guest. And, that guest is directly connected to the necessity of fences. See, it is starting to make sense now.

By the way, in case it crossed your mind to ask what this has to do with photography? Absolutely. Nothing.

The house guest will be arriving because The Husband convinced his older brother to come visit and help build the fence. Who says my guy isn't a salesman? He's no fool. He read Tom Sawyer when he was a kid. Besides, the Brother-in-Law is an all around good guy.

Meanwhile, The Husband has been working hard for the last few days as helper to an impressive young man who installs fences. I call him impressive because he is a savvy business man and appears to be mature beyond his years. Late tomorrow, The Brother-in-Law arrives and the Young Businessman will have a two-man crew. I have had to focus a bit on some household chores in preparation for our guest.

Boy, am I getting off easy. Dust bunnies are a pain in the neck, but at least they don't weigh much—unlike fence posts and rails.


  1. Well, I sure am glad that you stitched that together because I was scratching my head quite furiously! :-) After they install the fence, is there going to be any whitewashing?

    So, will you have time to work on that self-portrait? 8-)

  2. Paul-Oh, dear, it sounds as though you didn't get your copy of the rule book. After "a certain age" one is not required to do self-portraits. I may have to mail you my copy of that book.

    To be honest, if I thought I could pull it off as well as you did, I would be tempted. After all, I do have my dad's harmonica. Nah. Not such a hot idea.

    See? You just had to trust me to eventually pull it all together. No whitewashing, in this case, but there's enough fencing planned to keep everyone busy quite a while.

  3. @Anita: You give me too much credit. I just futzed around until I got something that I liked. Not much skill involved. :-)

  4. Paul-Well, the futzing paid off. Patience wins again.


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