Sunday, December 7, 2008


I don't look at many You Tube videos, but this one that I found at Luminous Landscape today is hilarious.

Disclaimer: All you Nikon shooters, I would find this just as funny if it were aimed at Canon. While I have bought into the Canon system, I am well aware of the the many fine features of Nikon cameras. So, this is in good fun.

Come to think of it, this treatment could be given to innumerable manufacturers of all manner of goods.



  1. I found it hilarious and well-deserved! :-) Shame on Nikon!

  2. Paul - I glad you enjoyed the video. I have been laughing off and all day over it. I am confident that a number of people will adapt this using it to skewer more companies who deserve it.

  3. Anita - I am a Nikon user and laughed loudly. And yet there is so much truth in it. :-)

  4. Mark - I'm glad you had a good laugh. I had hoped that others would enjoy the video as much as I did. It was fun sharing it.


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