Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Aaand We're Off!

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Best of luck to all those participating in the SoFoBoMo game. And a special big thank you to Paul Butzi for coming up with the concept and issuing the challenge. In theatre, one wishes colleagues a good show with “Break a leg”. What is the equivalent in the photography world?

It is a joy to be part of such a fine crowd. We have our hero, Paul Lester, who showed us that we could do this. After all, if Paul could accomplish “One” in less than three hours, surely a month would be more than enough time for even those of us who may be slowpokes to produce a project. Paul Butzi named Gordon McGregor as our cheerleader. Gordon has been doing yeoman service for some time, but outdid himself with his new “pipe”. Combine that with John Seltzer’s blog, “Tell the World”, Colin Jago’s list of participants and collection of posts, plus Paul Butzi's collection of posts at the mother ship and it’s easy to keep track of what the SoFoBoMoers are up to. Recently, I nicknamed our fearless leader, Paul B. The Instigator, then later elevated him to Pope Paul. Now Paul L. has picked up that name and repeated it, and I find myself wondering what other names Paul B. might earn in the course of this coming sixty days of feverish activity. I think I see a wicked streak in him with this offer of a print to anyone who completes two projects in the sixty days. Hasn’t he yet learned that you don’t throw down the gauntlet to this crowd? He is bound to get a few takers, so I hope he has chosen that print and is prepared to ship some “prizes” to the “winners”. Perhaps he should also be prepared for some spouses or significant others producing voodoo dolls of the fellow who started this sublime madness.


  1. First, that's a beautiful picture Anita! It's 6:11 AM and I'm about to head out for day two of my shooting at the glen.

    As I mentioned in a post, yesterday, the challenge will be to not be overwhelmed with the shear number of images that I think that I can get out of that place.

    It's going to be a fun ride. I've already started playing with different layouts, colors, text, etc, but the funnest part, of course, is taking the pictures.

    I'm looking forward to keeping up with you and your progress!

  2. Paul, thanks for your comment.

    Your preview of the glen certainly makes me eager to see your book. I'm betting you don't stop with 35 images. Have you done more checking on Blurb?

    I plan to get into layout, etc tomorrow to narrow choices.

  3. Thank, Anita. No, I've not checked on Blurb just yet. My intention is to generate a PDF. After that, I can take my time and find a printer, tweak the images, and make a book.

    As for the 35 images, you're right! I plan on somewhere between 50 and 64, perhaps more. Why 64? I'm a programmer and it is one of the multiples of two and pops up a lot, you know like 64 bits. ;-) How geeky is that?

    I've come up with a layout that I really like, have built the front matter (introduction, preface, copyright, acknowledgments, etc), chosen colors and fonts, and know am trying to put together the story.

    Fortunately, my first day of shooting, in the rain no less, netted a lot of useful pictures. I'm almost finished with chapter 1, I think.

    Look for some double truck images two! (images crossing the gutter, or page binding, utilizing two pages).

    I like the idea of printing it, but want to have a substantial body of work to print.

  4. Paul, did you read Gordon's comments on Shutterfly posted on the "The Sound of the SoFoBoMo Starting Gun"? His information has convinced me to take another look at Shutterfly. For now, I am planning to go with Blurb when I do print this project. Like you, I plan to print sometime after the deadline.

    If you hadn't told me 64 was a "geeky" number, I would have assumed you were just leading the way again with almost double the required number of images and wondered why that number. Thanks for clearing that up.

    I have been doing quite a bit of shooting, but haven't really gotten specific about how many keepers I have. Just yesterday evening, I finally got a flash on one element of the layout that answered one question, but posed umpteen new ones. The biggest one being whether I have the writing skill to pull it off.

    And, what fun. Just over the weekend, I had learned the meaning of double truck from Joe McNally's book "The Moment It Clicks". So, I felt like an insider when I read your comment.


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