Monday, April 28, 2008

Bitter in Los Angeles

Once again, the bad guys have ruined something the rest of us treasured. The gang that recently converged on Gabrieleno Park leaving their garbage behind after firing their weapons (either at one another or in the air, who knows) have shut down the park for evenings. Effective immediately, the entire area will close at sunset. Still another example of why so many of us flee what were so few years ago vibrant, family-friendly neighborhoods. While we don’t live in the area adjacent to the park, many of our friends do and the park and the surrounding area—including the arena, have been favorite places for us. If I were staying here, I would be fighting mad. As it is, it just makes me terribly, terribly sad that we stand by and cede our cities to outlaws, while a law-abiding citizen must risk a fine—or something far worse, for wanting to stay out on Haul Road long enough to drink in moments like the one above.

I know it’s not smart to write about such a hot topic when overtired and steaming mad. But, this kind of stuff keeps chipping away at our lives and it’s infuriating.

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