Monday, April 7, 2008

After a No-Photo Day

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Sunday was a no-photo day. Open House (just looky-loo’s this week) and taxes. Ummm. Fun and games for all. Today, it’s more taxes, but I hope to work in a few minutes of shooting. After all, I am perpetually “on location” with my project.

For several days, I have intended to call attention to this comment left here by Gordon McGregor on an earlier post (“The Sound of the SoFoBoMo Starting Gun”). Gordon quite generously gave me some tips for printing with Shutterfly. (Be sure to read Gordon's entire comment, but these are the highlights.)

“The trick … is to turn off the 'VividPics' feature which is on to 'enhance' every image you print with them, by default.”

“They also have quite a bit of ICC / profile info in the shutterfly help system - search for 'profile' and get more than you probably want to know.”

There are a number of things I like so far about Shutterfly: the quality paper they use, the sizes they offer, the ease of their interface (for a basic rush project), the general quality of reproduction, and the speed of delivery. Based on those considerations and armed now with Gordon’s tips, I might well use them another time in the future. The next time I must order the book before another freebie offer comes up. Otherwise, I will start to feel guilty.

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