Friday, February 29, 2008

Paradise and Mush

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It definitely ain't art, but I just wanted to show you one of the things I will have to leave behind at our little home. The Birds of Paradise were here when we moved in and they have survived all our sputtering attention and neglect. They have not only survived, they have treated us to a grand display of outrageous color each and every year. They will be sorely missed.
With the bedlam here, I missed an opportunity to celebrate a tiny anniversary this week. The post on the 26th was post number one hundred. I should have had a small celebration.

For the last couple of days even if I take a break to sit down at the computer, I stare at the screen, but nothing happens. My brain has turned to mush. I think one or two neurons might be firing—might be. This moving thing is for young people, or the wealthy. (Some days I fantasize about what it would be like to simply direct others to do all this work. I could just walk around directing others to handle the chores.) I have read numerous fascinating entries in the blogs I visit most days (all the Paul's—Butzi, Lester, and Maxim—have been posting some wonderful material. Meanwhile, Doug Stockdale continues to describe his progression as he develops a series and enlightens the rest of us in in the process. But, I sit like a lump unable to articulate my admiration for their work, much less add anything to the conversation. Since the 2008 Great Rebellion of my digestive system, those jolts of caffeine that can coax a few more neurons to fire are no longer an option. I would love to tell you stories about The Husband sanding and painting the front door (we are still tweaking and polishing); the relief of finally being on the market, our one day trip to Bear Valley delivering still more boxes. But, I couldn't do any of them justice. So, I will settle for letting you know there are stories—just not today.


  1. Hang in there, we all have these days and it seems that I am not far from one right now. Energy on an ebb at the moment, so I can relate to what you have written. But it will pass....thank goodness!

    And those Bird of Paradises are hardy, bring some with you;- )

  2. Thanks, Doug, for the encouragement. You have been going at such a blistering pace, you can slow down and still impress everyone with your productivity. Meantime, I am waiting for the fog to lift.

  3. A long time ago, I made myself a promise to never move myself again, whether local or long distance! I've kept that promise. All I do is discard a lot of stuff and pack. All of the lifting and actual moving is done by the movers!

    Don't worry about posting or anything, moving can be an exceptional drain on the mind and body. You're lucky to have two neurons firing! :-)

  4. Paul,

    I have made that same promise. And, am I ever ready for the movers to take over. Bring them on. Meanwhile,let's just hope I can both those neurons active.


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