Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The End of Phase One—Finally

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The trees got trimmed; the deck got painted; still more boxes got filled; who knows how many trips were made to the thrift store to donate items that should have been gotten rid of a long time ago; furniture got rearranged and some was moved out of the house. We were pretty much there last week, but I got sick (stress does wicked thing to the body, doesn’t it?) and then we got inspired to do more. So, we spent another week, doing still more tweaking, polishing, and “set dressing”. The Husband and I are exhausted, but we got a passing grade. Whoopee! We go on the market this weekend. I know, I know “the market is dead”. Still, someone is buying, and we are prepared to be exceptions. The main thing is that phase one is behind us. Today, Carey, our LA realtor, (we have our LA realtor and our Bear Valley realtor—lucky us, both fantastic ladies) told us that sometimes going through this ordeal wrecks marriages. Now, she tells us. I think we were working so hard that we were too tired to fight.

The only photography I have done is taking pictures for Carey. (Hey, it was better than not taking pictures at all.) Actually, it was a great experience, since I knew nothing about taking photos for marketing a house. Because I had neither the time, nor the energy, to do anything fancy, I kept it verrrry simple and shot with the on-camera flash. Still, she liked what I got, so I guess I learned a few things along the way.

I dipped into the Colorado folder for the photo above.


  1. Hang in there, Anita. My wife and I made it through having our house on the market for 2.5 years! Yes, 2.5 years!

    The problem was in keeping it clean as we still lived there during that time, if that is what you call it. Not my idea of living at all!!!

    Someone will come along and buy it and what a great day that will be!!! Of course, you'll be on pins and needles until closing day, but when you sign and walk away, it will be a very sunny day, no matter what the weather looks like outside! ;-)

  2. And, here I was dreading being on the market for 2.5 months. Since we aren't exactly in the habit of putting every single thing away each time we use it and keeping every room spic and span clean, this will be quite a lifestyle adjustment for us. I am impressed by your family's fortitude. Perhaps we will develop some good habits. Meanwhile, we are holding on to the image of that sunny day.

  3. About developing good habits: Not!!! When we finally sold and moved, we didn't put anything away! We were so happy to be able to enjoy our home that that was the last thing on our minds! :-)


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