Monday, September 24, 2007

Training for New Careers

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On the way back from Bridgeport, I started teasing my husband that I was working on my technique for shooting out of helicopters. That would explain all the shots I took through the windshield or hanging outside the window, as Jim guided the RV along the 395 at roughly 65 miles per hour. This one wan't quite straight and there was more than one throwaway shot, but it was a great learning exercise. My technique for quickly setting exposure improved another notch. This experiment also increased my appreciation for IS lenses.


  1. Anita,

    This is too funny. You and I are in lock step here with trying out new techniques. I have recently given up the drivers seat on long road trips in order to take pictures from the passenger's seat. I have really enjoyed it.

    Sometimes, I try to crank up the shutter speed in order to stop the motion all together. Other times, I slow is way down in order to highlight the motion. I have taken to wrapping the camera strap around my arm a bunch of times and sticking it out the window (I need to get a UV filter on my IS lens to serve as a bug screen - no big hits yet). I even take pictures when I am in traffic. I put it on my standard setting before I leave, roll the windows down and fire away blind when I see something interesting.

    My profile image on Blogger is from one such trip. Self portrait in the side view mirror hurtling down the road.

    Best wishes,

    P.S. Nice shot too. :-)

  2. Beau,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Wow. I can take lessons from you. What I am doing is painfully tame compared to your "wild west" techniques. I'm pretty small and not well-muscled, so I don't put that camera far away from me. The UV filter sounds like a must with your style. I'm delighted that you got a kick out of that post and thanks for the nice words about the shot.


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