Wednesday, September 26, 2007


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When we stopped for gasoline on the way to Bishop from Bridgeport, we were treated to this view just across the 395. Not a bad scene to look at while the tank refills.


  1. This looks waaaayyy out in the country; not what you would expect next to a gas station. I like how you used the tree in the foreground combined with the low horizon line.

  2. John, this was one of my favorite things about this trip from LA up to Bridgeport. The 395 is a super stretch of highway, but it's mostly four lanes (not eight) and for probably about a third of our trip it's only two lanes. That meant we could see somthing besides other vehicles and had a sense of where we were. It made the entire trip a joy. I wanted to pull over and soak up the environment every ten miles or so--not very practical for a short trip. Thanks for the kind words on the shot.


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