Monday, April 16, 2012

June Art Show

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How many times do we think, "Hey, I want to do that/be there/accomplish that/go there—or whatever" and nothing ever comes of it?  Conversely, there are those times when you are struck by something you would like to have happen and maybe you even spend some time creating pictures in your mind in which you realize that dream or ambition. Then, lo and behold, it happens.

While I kept crazy busy with very small art shows last fall, I held a picture in the back of my mind for a show at a particular gallery in town. This time the pictures in my mind's eye materialized. For First Friday, June 1, 2012, I will be the featured guest artist at Tehachapi's Gallery 'N Gifts and twenty, or more, of my pieces will be exhibited. The work will remain on display throughout the month of June. More information coming about this soon.

The art director, SG, at the gallery is wonderful to work with and I am honored to have been chosen. Lucky me. June should be a very good month to have my show which means I must present only my very best work. SG is a fan of my equine pieces and that is what has generated the most interest at shows thus far. Consequently the June show, will focus exclusively on that part of my work.

My readers know me well enough to know that I am busy tweaking completed pieces. Between a vision slowly, but constantly, evolving and developing new finishing techniques, I can never convince myself to stick with an old print once I have new insight into a piece. Naturally, I look at those and think that I should be able to do the tweaking in no time at all. And then I dig in. Oops, where has the time gone?

I am doing fairly well at a regimen of working smart, meaning that I get away from the computer by 5:30 PM to assure that I am not dangerously tired by the end of the evening. The last thing I want is a relapse of that hideous bug. The downside of my discipline is that I have no time for anything other than keeping my nose firmly connected to my little grindstone. The To-Do List for the show is formidable and I am on the edge of being overwhelmed.

In case you didn't catch it, the last paragraph was a veiled excuse for why I have yet to describe my crazy experiment for the last show. I tried getting a snapshot of the piece once it was hung at the venue; but, no luck. I wish preparations for this show had been smoother; but, things were a little hectic around here. First, I must say that thanks to The Husband, aka The Knight in Shining White Armor, the piece was completed in time for the show. One afternoon when my body had said, "Stop, or else", he put on the finishing touches.

"Eclipse—a Velvet Darkness", printed on metal at 11x14, floated above a frame/mat that consisted of a 16x20 base covered with a rich chocolate brown suede leather. The outside edges of the frame were finished with antique brass upholstery nails. The piece created a nice stir on arrival, Saturday morning at the venue, and was purchased the moment the doors opened. Since there had been more than a little angst on my part about this experiment, I was delighted that it turned out so well.
I will do my best to stay somewhat present at my blogs and, yes, I will eventually visit blogs. You cannot know how much your encouragement has meant to me.

I hope you will check out the post on these two pieces of news at my fine art prints blog.


  1. I must say your discipline in getting things done is commendable. For myself, the pressure to finish a project is a kick in the pants I need to work hard at it. It's also nice to have the Knight there to help out (or give you the kick).
    The "Eclipse" piece is gorgeous and I like your description of the framing. Having done this before myself, I know that even the best photos suffer if not presented correctly. We shouldn't underestimate the value of a good presentation.

    1. Deadlines do tend to focus the mind, don't they? Some days (like the last couple) I get a bit frayed on the edges; but, I am sure things will even out soon.

      I am so glad that you like "Eclipse." it is one of the rare ones that I am satisfied with—well, for the time being, anyway. I think that part of the reason I have sold as much as I have is because I don't cut corners on presentation. It does make a difference.

      Thank you for taking time to comment in spite of the fact that I am virtual hermit. I will be back. Promise.

  2. Way to go on being the featured artist for June! I have no doubt you will have a successful show. I would have liked to have seen Eclipse - I'll bet it was a beautiful presentation.

    No need to apologize for being busy and placing work priorities first. I'm in much the same situation and having trouble just trying to keep my own blog updated. (This morning I am practicing work avoidance, but I must get back at it!)

  3. It sounds like you are experiencing a degree of success with the galleries and art shows...well deserved I would say! If "working smart" is the key to keep on keeping on then please continue. We your fans out here certainly wish you good health as well as productivity.


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