Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From the Mouth of the Cave

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I had no idea that my energy for interaction was so depleted when our December Art Show was over. Before long, I had crawled all the way back to the far corner of the cave, burrowed down, and hid out for a while. I pretty much forgot my email password and I sure hope no earth-shattering news was reported, because I unplugged.

I did have some looooong talks with my brother in Buenos Aires. Thank goodness for Skype. Otherwise, The Husband and I would have to live on cornflakes for a couple of months. My brother sounds good and we had fun fantasizing about getting strong enough to tackle that incredibly long trip for a visit. Talking and laughing about it didn't produce any aches and pains and the cost was minimal. It was a delightful game for the holidays.

There were sad talks with two friends that are terribly ill. Each of those visits sent me scurrying back into the far reaches of the cave for another couple of days. Some things in life don't observe holidays.

This year, we got Christmas cards done and I had forgotten how long it takes to make the special effort with the photos inserted in the special cards. We ended up being late with some, but it was worth every moment of time put in. The bonus was the responses that came back and the sound of voices we hadn't heard in a while.

On most of the brief occasions that I stuck my nose out of the cave to sniff the air, I didn't get far. I lost myself in daydreams about the next art show. It would appear that I have been bitten by this bug and, so far, no recovery in sight. I am enjoying the challenge immensely. Staying true to myself, not giving away my work, while providing pieces that some people want to buy is a tricky balance and I am getting a lot of satisfaction from hitting the target on enough occasions to keep me going. For now, I plan to continue on this path in 2011—"lord willing and the creek don't rise".

Since the Husband is off to Los Angeles to ride in the RoseBowl Parade, Galen and I have plenty of quiet around here and I feel even lazier now.The group he rides with will be dressed as Napoleonic era cavalry with the horses properly decked out. They are entry no. 69, I think, and I hope they don't get bumped for a commercial.

As for me, it will take me a few days to catch up—the cave still looks warm and cozy and I did enjoy the quiet way back there in that inviting corner. Never mind, I will venture out and eventually get caught up with all the energizer bunnies who have been posting.

Have a happy and healthy New Year, everyone!


  1. Hello, (echo), hello, (echo) in there. :-)

    You are an amazing woman. You are so passionate about things and go head long into them. A cost seems to be involved but you are doing the things you need to recover. Ah, those energizer bunnies are wonderful.

    I wonder is your cave anything like Earls Man Cave? And, Happy New Year to you guys!

  2. Of course it's always a pleasure to get a post from you, especially one with such a great image attached. It's time for that nasty bug to split. And I see Paul is thinkin' about visiting you this coming year. May 2012 bring health, happiness and heaps of great photos (that's for the rest of us).

  3. Monte—Thanks for the nice, big laugh over that echo.

    I am blushing at the compliment, even though I know that I am a little like the kid who opened a lemonade stand and actully sold some lemonade. I have to chatter about it—not because I think I am so hot, but because I am so amazed that it worked!

    About that cave: mostly it is very, very quiet in there and not nearly so luxurious as Earl's place. I hope 2012 is already off to a great beginning.

  4. Ken—Thank you for the comment on this image. This one certainly was speaking to me. I am spending more time each day out of that cave.

    As for Paul's visit, when Can I get on your schedule? Paul is a long way ahead of all the rest of us, but I think he has a wonderful plan for meeting fellow bloggers. If I could travel, I would be flitting about the country constantly to meet you folks.

    I hope the new year has begun with joy and promise and that it surpasses your expectations.

  5. God bless you, Anita, and many blessings in the New Year.

  6. Chris—Thank you for that marvelous send off into a new year. You are very kind.


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