Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Experimenting

I am interested in connecting a picture in Blogger to a photo in my Smugmug galleries. If this does not work, please ignore me while I fumble and stumble about in here. Too bad I am slow as molasses with these matters.

What link you are asking. Funny. That is exactly the question I was asking. I pasted it in but you would never know it. Oh well, maybe another day I will come back ton this and figure it out. Just not real soon.


  1. Well, you did it, but it looks like you didn't close your tag with a because all of the text in your post is 'link' text. :)

  2. Paul—That is what the error message told me. Still, did I know how to fix it? No! If only I had ever learned computer language. Dang. I keep thinking I can get away with pretending that I don't need it; but, periodically this type of thing reminds me how foolishly optimistic I have been. Thanks for helping.


  4. Ken—By the time I had accomplished my goal, it felt as though I had tied at least one hundred times. I appreciate your optimsm and confidence in me. Now if I can just repeat it.


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