Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wild Daisies

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The wild daisies are one of the reasons I love summers in Bear Valley Springs. I never tire of them. Yes, they are absent the refinements of so many other lovely flowers. And, the daisies certainly are neither fragile nor difficult to propagate. Far from possessing the mystery and delicacy of so many other blossoms, these common, wild things—weeds, really—dominate the landscape here by July. For weeks, they stand, merrily waving in the summer breeze, savoring the sunshine, and generously spreading their simple joy.

Let The Husband wage his relentless war against the mustard, if he must. But, woe be unto any who dare mow down all my daisies. Fortunately, we long ago negotiated peaceful co-existence: a portion of our landscape has been assigned to the daisies; the remainder is subject to the mower. As a result, all all is well with us, just as it is with the ever-cheerful daisies.


  1. In the UK, proud gardeners go to great lengths to improve their lawns; they must be very green and very grassy. But not in our garden! Our lawn is very green and quite tidy from distant observation, but closer inspection will reveal moss, daisies, buttercups and other such untidyness of nature. We love it, and better still, so do do all the wild creatures that we encourage into our little bit of urban England. We wouldn't have it any other way and it seems just so right!

  2. I love the framing and back light on these, it brings out the true beauty of this underrated weed, I mean flower. You caught these in their prime. We have cultivated some daisies in our garden today and every house we have lived in for years.

  3. Colin - Your landscape strategy sounds quite appealing to me. I am drawn to a certain lack of tidiness in a garden. We have done almost no landscaping here. For me, the wild flowers, the native grasses, and all the critters that roam the place keep me happy and entertained. We have intended to plant trees, but seem always to have been distracted by medical concerns. Perhaps someone else has been doing our planning for us.

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Ken - It appears that I am not alone in my affinity for weeds—the ones featuring pretty flowers, in particular. It was the backlight that drew me to these. Daisies and summer just belong together, don't they? I am glad you have them in your garden. Thank you for the comment.


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