Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On The Run

(Click on the thumbnail for the bigger, better version)

To some degree, the title is a literal reference to my recent life—on the run back and forth to Los Angeles and Bakersfield. There was a trip to have stitches removed and more than one trip for physical therapy.

However, the reference is mostly to my state of mind. Having had it up to here with recoveries from surgeries, I have been spending most of my time either curled in a fetal position deep in the caverns of my mind, or struggling—in vain—to outrun reality.

None of these activities is a particularly productive or enjoyable use of one's short time on this planet. Not surprisingly, I coincidentally discovered that I have absolutely zero aptitude for photography. Phhhht! Forget talent. It dawned on me that I am not even a decent craftsman.

Not only have I been wasting my time snapping away, while I drool on a perfectly good piece of equipment and roll my eyes like some deranged creature, I have actually printed some of this garbage and used valuable resources that surely could have been put to better use.

To compound matters, I have recognized that I am hopelessly old and feeble and will probably never again be able to do much of anything worthwhile. I have more aches and pains than Methuselah ever knew and it isn't going to get better any time soon.

Other than these few distractions, I have been fine. How about you?

Okay, if you aren't laughing by now, I am disappointed in both of us.

I wish I could have reappeared with a cheery post bubbling with stories about a wondrous holiday vacation trip and giddy about all the things I saw. In the end, I decided to 'fess up and admit where I have been.

No sympathy comments, please, unless you are willing to swear you have been there—and be sure to include a laugh line. All jokes, cheerful jibes, and ridicule will be welcomed with gratitude.


  1. You really had me going there for awhile, Anita. I was wondering what kind of meds the West Coast doctors are giving out these days.
    The photo is gorgeous. This is the type of photo best seen a a large print above my living room sofa. Your use of the texture overlays is very exciting. You have a good handle on the best texture that works with each photo.

  2. Ken - After a funk like the one I have been in, I figure the only sensible thing to do is laugh about it. No fancy meds, but I think my body is fed up with the anaesthesia thing.

    Wow. Thanks for the very kind words. I would love to see that shot blown up some. Since it was taken with the G7, I am not sure how big it would go, but you have me thinking, now. The texture business still involves some guessing and trying different combinations until I am happy with the result. Still, you can tell that I am addicted to it--for the moment, anyway.

  3. Ok Young Lady -- funk over! Put your "poor pitiful me" embroidered crying towel down, get up off your butt and do something positive and with love for someone else -- pay it forward, it'll make you feel better about yourself! ;-)

    Anita, of course some of that is said in jest but there's truth there too -- tough love.

    No I've not been there......yet, I'm lucky. But I could tell you stories about my Mom living along for her last 19 years with Parkinson Disease which would have tears in your eyes.

    I agree with Ken about this photo...gorgeous. I hope you continue to pursue this line of photo/art creation.

    I'm glad to see you back too! :-)

  4. Earl - I am howling laughing over the"'poor pitiful me'embroidered crying towel". That is an image that is going to stick in my mind. Self-pity will never be the same. Your mom's story is a heartbreaker. How brave she must have been. I will add her to my list of people to remember when I feel blue.

    Still, I've got to say it's going to take a while for some of the bruises left by the tough love to heal. Ouch! ;)

    Thank you for the encouragement on the texture work. I am delighted that it pleases you. I wondered, at first, if the fascination with this technique would wear off in a few days, but it still excites me.

  5. You don't give yourself enough credit. As punishment, please pack up all of your camera equipment (and that iPad) and I will send you an address to ship it to.

  6. Mark -Now that is an offer I almost can't refuse. Maybe I will think it over, first.

    Thanks for the smile.

  7. Reminds me of a film a saw many years ago, the curious case of Benjamin Button. He lived his life backwards, physically, but not in mind. He was born as an old man, and died as a baby. You're like him, but not dead yet. There, now you got a decent bit of my special humour. I know no jokes. :-)

    (To the analogy. It's not that far off. Many of us found photography at young ages, and have just become more and more dull in our expression over the years. You, who discovered it only a few years ago, are right in the middle of it.)

  8. Ove - What lovely thoughts. I got a nice chuckle from the Benjamin Button reference. You satisfied the humor "requirement" quite satisfactorily.

    Equally welcome, however, was your final comment. While I certainly don't see the dullness in your work, or that of others whose blogs I visit, you got me thinking. It is rather lovely having this sort of adventure late in life. One views life's adventures quite differently in later years, and I am fortunate to have that experience.

  9. You will not get sympathy comments from me, but you did have me worried for a moment.

    It's amazing how our state of mind affects our lives. Physical ailments affect our metal states and psychological ailments affect us physically. I believe creativity and laughter is good medicine and recommend and increased osage of both. I also agree with Earl, put the towel down and pick up the camera, even your G7 or your ipad. Create, learn, experiment. Those creative juices of second half of life are eagerly awaited by us. Hope you have a good weekend!

  10. Monte - So true that our mind affects our bodies and our bodies impact on our minds. I have to find the humor in it all, or I am consumed. Your recipe is my lifeline. If it weren't for my photography and a sense of humor (seasoned with a generous dose of gratitude), I would spend a great deal of time blue. The G7 has been a real boon to peace of mind. Glad I have it.

    Thanks a million for your thoughts.


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