Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Made My Choice in the Tablet Wars

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This time I actually did it. After talking about a number of purchases that I had flirted with recently (including a Canon G12—still lusting after that), I started wanting a tablet. Although I liked a number of things about some other makes, ultimately the iPad stood out because of the superior display. Naturally, I want to put photos on mine. I might even use it occasionally for e-mail and reading blogs.

I placed my order last week after agonizing over the expense of this indulgence for a few weeks. Since the closest Apple store is a two-hour drive from our house, I talked to an Apple online rep. No way I wanted to make that four-hour round-trip drive to stand in line. The Apple rep was patient, informed, cheerful, and kind. We had a good time chatting. It made giving her my credit card number just a little less painful.

I know that the tablet won't take the place of my notebook, but I decided to take the plunge, anyway. Furthermore, there is no doubt that you will see posts, here, bemoaning my struggles as I learn to use a new device. I promise that I will try to keep the shrieks of panic to a minimum. Of course, I already have one complaint. I want the darned thing, yesterday. Still, in spite of that impatience, I am eagerly looking forward to the arrival of my first, ever, Apple product.


  1. Anita, congratulations! I don't think you're experience buyers remorse on this choice.

    You do realize that once you start down the Apple path you can't turn back? There's a new Apple Mac Book or iMac somewhere in your future I'm sure. ;-)

  2. I did not know we could not doing any moaning in our posts, missed that rule. Anyway, hope you enjoy the ipad.

  3. Earl - I appreciate your encouragement. I am eager to get started. The only remorse I can imagine is that I might not use it as much I think I will. After all, I am mostly near my desktop computer.

    I don't know. That Apple path is a pricey toll road, so I don't expect to be doing much more buying at the Apple site.

  4. Monte - Oh, I am fairly sure that there are not any rules against moaning. But, I sometimes need to mute those shrieks of panic. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Congratulations on your recent purchase! One of my friends is hoping for the iPad for his birthday next month. I never saw anyone so eager to get old. Creative folds, like yourself, will find hundreds of uses for it.

    That image is gorgeous.

  6. Ken - Thanks Ken for all the thoughts. I am glad you like the photo. I couldn't wait to connect this purchase with any date that would function as an excuse. I will just have to call it my Happy mid-June present. I hope you are right about finding loads of reasons to use it.

  7. Congratulations, Anita! Welcome to the family. Earl is right. This is only the beginning! My path started with an iPod, which led to an iPod Touch, which led to a MacBook Pro, which led to an iPad, which led to an iPhone. ;)

    I'm not hooked! I can quit anytime that I want to! I just don't want to. :) Apple is just so good at design that there products are very intuitive and easy to use. I'm sure that you'll just fall into the rhythm of using the iPad and find many uses that you never even considered. After all, for most of what you want to do: There's an app for that!


  8. If you need help in getting the iPad set up please let me know. The learning curve from a Window base to Apple can be a challenge and I am sure you will doubt the purchase. But prevail my friend and you will find it is a cool platform.

    You can contact me at lvneonguy at cox dot net.

    Enjoy the new device and what a wonderful way to show your portfolio.


  9. Paul - Well, my pocketbook is straining already. So, if one thing leads to another there could be serious trouble here.

    Thanks for the encouragement and your confidence in me. I will give it my best. I have a lot to learn.

  10. Steve - Thank you for your kind and generous offer. Wow! Because I am braced for some frustrations while making that transition, I quite appreciate knowing that there is help out there. It seems to me that the tablet is an ideal way for showing one's work and I am interested in pursuing that.


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