Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bad News and Customer Service

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We got some quite disturbing news this week. I will leave it at that except to say that I know myself well enough to know that I will not be at my best for a while. I am almost certain to have more bad days than good ones, until the news is encouraging. I apologize in advance if I am slow to respond to comments, erratic in posting, and miss many days of making web rounds. 

Meanwhile, some thoughts swimming around in my head: Do you love your bank? Probably not. I know that I wasn't feeling too kindly toward mine. I won't mention the name, but they are one of the biggest in the country and certainly have California pretty well tied up. Specifically, I was ticked off because a business account of mine had recently been whacked with some outrageous monthly fees. I had not dealt with it—just a couple of things on my plate recently. That was my fault. But, that did not stop me from being annoyed by the exhorbitant deductions from my balance every month.

One of the many things we dealt with, while in Los Angeles Tuesday, was banking. Amazingly, this megabank doesn't have a branch in our nearby small town. When I sat down with a lady at one of those lobby desks, I was only there about an ATM card that had expired right around the time I had surgery. (Another thing that hadn't been dealt with, because it wasn't high on my priority list.) Well, lo and behold, this kind lady preceded to ask me about that account with the nasty fees and volunteered that she could switch the account so my required balance would be quite reasonable. Whoopee! No more irritating deductions. I jumped on the opportunity, of course. 

It is one thing when a company takes care of a problem because we have requested said action. It just feels so much better when the company representative spots the situation and offers to solve a problem that wasn't even on your radar at that particular moment. Today, I am still feeling all warm and fuzzy about that big bank with B and A in its name—at least about the representative at that one branch.


  1. Beautiful image (again), Anita.
    I think you're right, customer service is not dead. It may be hard to find when you need it, but I think there are still people and business that value their customers highly.
    I am sorry to hear of your bad news but, rest assured, your friends will understand.

  2. LOL! When I read this, all the while I was thinking: Bank of America! Bank of America! Bank of America! Which, of course, is who I work for and bank with. Yes, they can get quite ridiculous on the darn fees. It's nice when one of the reps does such a thing. Very nice. :)

  3. Ken - Thanks for the comment on the picture. The Husband has a green thumb and I reap the delightful rewards.

    Because customer service is no longer the rule, I am always deeply impressed when I encounter it. If we still lived in LA, I would be tempted to drive to that branch for the extra service. If the bank had at least one of her in each branch, their reputation would soar.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts. We will get through this.

  4. Paul - Your comment made me chuckle. I'm not surprised that you knew who I was talking about from the beginning. I understand the need for fees, but the monthly one they had slapped on that account was, yes, in your words "ridiculous". It feels good to have that matter resolved.

  5. BAnking is not fun. I sometimes wonder if putting my money in a sock in my dresser would work. Having warm and fuzzy feelings from customer service is always a plus.

    Bad news can sure put a damper on life. I hope all is going to be well with you guys and will offer a prayer.

  6. Monte - I like that BAnking. Well done. I have experienced a run of good service recently and am enjoying it immensely.

    Your prayer is welcome, Monte, and much appreciated. So far, our chins are mostly up.

  7. Prayers Anita. White healing light for The Husband, and for you.

  8. Mary Ann - You had been on my mind today! How lovely to hear from you. Thank you for the prayers. We both appreciate them.

  9. For all company policy and intent, good customer service still comes down to the individual you face across a desk or over the phone. That one person is the window to those thousands who stand and work behind them. Pretty powerful when you think about it.

    I'm arriving a little late to this post but I certainly will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Just don't disappear off know I'll check up on you. ;-)

  10. Earl - You are so kind. We appreciate the thoughts and prayers and I thank you for the "warning". I am forewarned.

    I quite like the way you sum up customer service. In my experience, many a business relationship has been salvaged by that one person who "saved the day".


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