Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free at Last

(Click on the thumbnail for the bigger, better version)

Lately, I haven't published posts about places I have been and I am combing through archives for photos. That is because I haven't been anywhere! Things have been very quiet in my life for a several months now.

But, things are finally changing. My endurance level has increased and, in the last few weeks, the pain level in my back has decreased dramatically. My left leg is still a bit strange. But, at least it actually feels like it belongs to my body.

Besides, my being mostly housebound was about more than physical issues. I haven't had a valid driver's license for months. It came due for renewal late last year and the last thing on my mind, at that time, was driving.

Tuesday, The Husband and cruised down to Arvin for my appointment to take the written test. (Yes, the photo, above, is another of those drive-by's and taken with the G7. I would love to say that I spotted the hawk first, then waited for the right moment. But, that would be a lie. We were moving way too fast. I am grateful for all gifts, great and small.)

All went well at the DMV, and I now have one of those temporary paper licenses that fills in, until I get the official one in the mail. By the way, I have read that, in California, the delay on those plastic cards can be two months—or more. Interesting, since the temporary license expires in two months. Hmmm. Wonder how that works?

Nevertheless, for now, I am a legal driver. I feel like a kid who just got out of school. At last, I am free to see how much driving I can do without stirring up my back. Being more independent will open up considerably more photo opportunities.  Hot dog! Time to fill up those hard drives.


  1. Anita, congratulations on your drivers license. I would feel trapped if I couldn't drive. It seems you're making wonderful progress in your recovery and I'm delighted about that.

    Look out...Anita's on the road again! ~smile~

  2. Congratulations on getting your DL back. Just remember when you set out to drive that _you_ are driving, not The Husband ... so, no drive-by shooting while driving. No! No! No! ;)

    Glad to hear that all of the parts are fitting back together and that you have regained your freedom. Beautiful shot and I'll stick with the story that you saw the hawk!

  3. Earl - Thank you. I did feel trapped. Funny, since I didn't feel up to driving. I just wanted to know that I could if I felt like it, dang it. I will limit my driving to Bear Valley Springs for a couple of days. After all, I do not want all of Kern County forced to keep an eye out for me.

  4. Paul - Thank you. What no riding and shooting while behind the wheel? Party pooper!

    Believe me, the notion of using a camera while driving terrifies me. I will, however, be scanning for safe places to pull over when the mood strikes me.

    I like your version of the story behind the photo here. Hey, I could have seen the hawk ahead of time. Right?

  5. For a drive-by, this looks tack sharp! Maybe The Husband is driving too slow so you can get these awesome shots? Congratulation on the license. Now that's a party!

  6. Ken - A decent shutter speed and Photoshop get a chunk of the credit for that sharpness. Trust me, The Husband is not poking along. You are right about that party. I do like knowing that I can check out some sights on my own. Although, the back roads of Kern County still would not be a good choice for me traveling alone. But, as my confidence in my enurance grows, I will be able to venture into Tehachapi.

  7. That's great news Anita. I look forward to seeing the newly found discoveries as a result of being mobile now.

    That's a great tree you show here! So much character.

  8. Mark - Thank you for the comment. One of my favorite things about our area is hundreds of these beautiful old oak trees. And, that is a perfect description—"so much character".

  9. Thanks for letting us know you're back on the road, again! Glad you got it and enjoy it!!

  10. Monte - You are right. I have not driven in months, so look out. Thanks.


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