Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cub Lake

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Having been immersed in projects all day, my mind is darting about from thought to thought. I am writing this on Tuesday for publishing Wednesday morning, and I hope you will not expect anything more than random musings. Heck, it may not even be coherent.

I am missing my walks down at Cub Lake and out on Lower Valley Trail. Unfortunately, one of those boggy spots I mentioned Tuesday is right at the head of the walking path. Eventually, I will feel strong and stable enough to tromp right through the slick mud and slippery grass to pick up the path. Just not quite yet. The photo from Cub Lake was taken a couple of weeks ago and is indicative of my wishful thinking.

For now, I am still seeing quite a lot of our drive out to the road and today I ventured out along the road in front of neighbors' yards. The ground out there is uneven and wears me out faster than a level path, but that's good therapy for me.

Monday was a day for one of those hectic trips to Los Angeles. A medical appointment and some errands did not make for a romantic Valentine's Day, and there was no time for a trip to the camera store. However, we did enjoy lunch together at our favorite restaurant. I relished every bite of my pork taco and refried beans.  It was a low key and tiring day, but we spent it together and that's the best part of Valentine's Day.


  1. Another beautiful shot. Great composition and nice colors blended perfectly.
    Those walks on the trails are great rehab. You're so lucky to have that available to you and the great photos are lucky for us.

  2. Ken - Thank you for all the generous words. I am crazy about that particular color combination in photography. I suppose that is why I love taking pictures this time of year.

    Indeed, I am extremely fortunate to have all the opportunities for walking. We have no sidewalks in our area, but one can usually find space alongside the road to walk safely.

  3. Anita, Club Lake looks to be a beautiful spot and I certainly understand you missing walks along it's shores. I know those walks will soon come for you.

    This is such a gentle and beautiful photo, I almost feel the need to be quiet so I don't scare the ducks away. I like soft tones.

    Being with someone you love is what Valentines Day's about...not any particular activity.

  4. Earl - I appreciate your comments. You described my feelings about the scene perfectly. Yes, Cub Lake is an espcially lovely place to spend time. I tease about it being no more than a pond with a romantic name, but what it lacks in volume it makes up for in its peaceful nature. I hope you also had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  5. Beautiful shot, Anita and I really like what you said about Valentines Day. Spending time together without the need for trinkets is key! :)

  6. Paul - I appreciate your comment. Just a quiet day together seemed right for us this year. We can't take credit for planning it that way, but the doctor's appointment set the tone, and it ended up being a fine day.

  7. Cub Lake looks so inviting; I can certainly see why you can't wait.

  8. Steve - It is a lovely and peaceful place. The ducks are quite accustomed to people and spending time there is pleasant any time of year.


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