Friday, February 4, 2011

A Break from Winter

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For a few weeks now, I have gotten up each morning unable to believe the beautiful autumn weather. Once, I had found myself thinking, "Oh, boy. We'll pay for all this bliss by mid-February." The negative thinking reminds me of one of my favorite stories.

Everyone knew that not only did Mrs. O'Reilly always find the dark clouds and miss the silver lining, she was bound to spread the word so everyone else would see just how bad things really were. Still, Mrs. O'Leary, from next door, never lost hope that she could get her neighbor to see the bright side of life. On a fine spring day, both ladies were hanging out their laundry. "Ah, the blue skies are sparkling", cooed Mrs. O'Leary, leaning on the fence, "and it's a lovely breeze that's cooling my brow. Sure, it's a fine day, isn't it Mrs. O'Reilly?" "Maybe", growled Mrs. O'Reilly. "But, it's raining somewhere".

I suppose there is a bit of both ladies in each of us. For now, I am concentrating on the brisk, but comfortable temperatures and all this sunshine. In spite of freezing temperatures almost every night, we have had days that were downright warm. The boggy portions of our property are gradually drying and each day is more beautiful than the one before. It has been like having an unexpected winter vacation, and we didn't even have to crank up the RV. The Husband and I are loving it. Oh, and Galen is pretty happy about it, as well. Multiple play periods outside with one of his humans makes him a very happy pup.


  1. That story put a smile on my face. Thank you. I'm glad you are having nice weather where you are and you are able to enjoy it.
    This is a really nice image. I'm crazy for trees.

  2. Ken - I am glad you like the story. If I'm thinking like Mrs. O'Reilly and I remember this story, it makes me laugh and that changes my mood. The weather certainly makes for pleasant walk/therapy.

    I'm happy to know another tree person.

  3. Anita, yes, a bit of both exist in us and it's a daily battle deciding which shall have the last word. Your weather sounds wonderful and I'm so looking forward to spring here...allergies (Mrs. O'Reilly speaking) and all. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Earl - Indeed, the battle rages and too often the best I can manage is coexistence. Your spring/ allergies is a perfect example, although I know alleriges, and they aren't easy to shrug off. I hope your weekend is off to a wonderful beginning and just keeps getting better.

  5. We all have a little o'leary and a little o'reilly in us--I think balance is the key, weighing the scales a bit more in ms. O'leary's direction, of course!

  6. Mary Ann - Thanks for visiting and for the comments. I agree. The o'reilly in me wins more often than I like. I just have to keep working for that balance.


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