Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Outside—Peeking Through the Window

Please trust me. This post is not a plea for pity and a pathetic hint for get well wishes. I don’t want to sound ungrateful. Those wishes have been appreciated for their warmth and concern, but there are so many messages that I would rather receive. I would much rather participate in conversations about things that are interesting. However, nothing I am doing is remotely interesting. Indeed, since my life is mostly about not doing, this post is nothing more than one of my lame efforts to stay in touch.

With the above disclaimer in mind, I am here to tell you that if you are going to get the flu, don’t even consider taking on that challenge four weeks after major surgery. Whoa! Talk about getting your rear end kicked. It hasn’t been a pretty picture. (More about pictures later.)
Had I saved all the used tissues (What a nauseating thought!), I would have a pile some where near the size of one of those ill-fated cruise ships we have been seeing in the news lately.

As far as doing anything interesting is concerned, lifting a cup of coffee has been a chore on many days. Therefore, you get the idea how much imagination it takes for me to picture myself hoisting up a camera. Then, there’s the issue of holding that camera steady. Riiiight! At any rate, I have managed to take a handful of photos over the last few weeks, only to be frustrated by my inability to sit at the computer long enough to process and post an image. There has been little joy in Mudville. (Joy is not to be confused with gratitude. Tons of gratitude here, because setting aside the effects of the flu-from-Hell, I am getting better. My surgery appears to have been successful, and for that I am deeply grateful.

The flu is temporary. Thank goodness. Meanwhile, I remain on the outside, peeking through the window of the World Wide Web, watching everyone else in the blogging world go about their lives. I watch almost daily. I ooh, aah, nod, puzzle, contemplate, admire, marvel, commiserate, and celebrate, as I drink in the experiences conveyed through the work posted by others. I alternate between being inspired by the work then intimidated by same. Soon enough, my turn to participate will come.


  1. Anita, I look forward to the day you're once again "splashing in the pool." Take care of yourself. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery and a wonderful holiday.

  2. Just hang in there, a New Year is on the horizon!!

  3. Anita, miss you tons! Hope you are well soon! Think about you often, hope you and Jim are doing well. Hope to see you soon.
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

    Huge huge hugs,


  4. Earl - I might be dipping a toe in the pool, at the very least, within a few days. Thanks for the good wishes. I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well.

  5. Steve - 2010 was a mixed bag of a year. Well, aren't they all? But, I am naming 2011 as the year of renewed strength and good health, just in case I get my druthers.

  6. Iacopo - How wonderful to hear from you. I miss you, too! I love that little hint of "hope to see you soon." Don't let me down. Happy holidays to you.

  7. Hoping you are on the road to feeling better soon Anita!

  8. Mark - Thanks for the good wishes. Sounds as if you are crazy busy.


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