Monday, December 27, 2010

Dark Clouds and Silver Linings

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After yesterday morning's gloomy, maudlin piece, something a tad more upbeat seemed to be in order. A few hours after that post, I dusted off the G7 to fiddle with it a bit and this view was too tempting to pass up. Yes, I know that the photo isn't exactly cheery; but, we had already seen sunshine for several hours by the time the clouds showed up. While that much sunshine may not sound like big news, this is not something we have taken for granted the last several weeks. It has been a wet fall and winter, so far. Sunshine is rare enough to be deeply appreciated. By later afternoon, these clouds formed in the west. Promise of another night of rain, perhaps.

Sometime back, Monte Stevens admitted that he is not real big on winter temperatures. Monte, we are cut from the same cloth. Some days I wonder what on God's green earth I am doing living in the mountains, for crying out loud. We have months on end of cold and wet weather that is fit for neither man nor beast.

Of course, the primary explanation for why I live here is that I have a husband. Yes, in marriage compromise is essential—but almost never ideal. The Husband, you see, was born and raised in the frozen northeast. Poor thing doesn't know any better. I, on the other hand, was raised in God's country—central Texas. (Unfortunately, I have to admit that summers there are nothing to write home about. Ahh, nothing is quite perfect. Not even Texas.)

Wet and cold as it may be this year, when the weather begins to get me down, I remember the positive elements of living here and almost always decide that the trade-offs are worthwhile. There are plenty of reasons to love living here and, even in winter, we frequently have some gorgeous days. Just not enough to suit thin-blooded me. I am encouraged by the fact that we are in agreement about putting the old RV to good use, next winter. Even The Husband has had it with gray skies and rain. While I probably won't be up to it this year, I should be travel-ready by 2011 and rarin' to go. Perhaps, we'll spend some time in Arizona and get a break from old man winter. Looking forward to that—even a year away, makes dealing with this mostly gloom a little less onerous.


  1. Anita, at least there is some color in your sky! Today on the Oregon coast it was cold and rainy most of the day. I had planned to venturing out with the camera but was turned back rain falling from the thick GRAY skies. Sometimes the thought of a month or two in Arizona is rather enticing.

  2. Anita, I am with you, although I have resigned myself to the fact that I am now, always have been and always will be, a NW PA person and in love with the first few big snows of the year. After that, I am ready for spring and summer! It's never the snow I mind, it is the whipping winds and temps that dip below 20--yuck! But its always good to look for the silver lining. Be well :)

  3. Anita, I personally like all four seasons during the year but not any one to be overpowering...perhaps a lot to ask for. Now, putting the RV to use doing some southern traveling during the winter sounds like a excellent idea and I'm sure would also result in some wonderful photo opportunities. :-)

  4. Well, Anita, it's cold again this morning and not expected to be above freezing at all today. Brrr! I'm at a favorite coffee shop, still wearing my coat. No trip planned to the frozen reservoir today. I'm also aware there are no perfect places but only places to enjoy what they offer us at that moment.

    Sounds like a good plan for next winter. I visited my parents at Thanksgiving who, after retirement, are living near Phoenix full time. We were sitting outside on the porch with 65 degrees and sunshine. My mother was wearing a sweatshirt, light jacket and wrapped in a blanket then telling us she was cold. She is so acclimated to the heat down there that 70 degrees is cold. Hope you guys had a great holiday!

  5. Steve - Sorry you got rained out. It's many days on end of those heavy gray skies that have us thinking about Arizona. I think even a week there would help.

  6. Mary Ann - I do dearly love seeing the snow. It's one of my favorite things about living here. Still, like you, I grow tired of the wet and cold long before winter is done.

    Temps below 20. Yikes! Thank goodness we only get that at night—when I am tucked under the covers.

  7. Earl - Just a short break now and then to break up the monotony of too much gray and too much cold wind. Yes, that would be nice. And, indeed, the photo ops would be a lovely bonus.

  8. Monte - Oh dear, I have a great deal in common with your mother. Sixty-five is heavy sweater or jacket time for me. I couldn't take Phoenix in the summer, but I sure could spend some time in that neighborhood for winter relief.

    We have had a nice holiday, thanks.


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