Thursday, April 8, 2010

From Under a Rock

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(You know that old notion of something that has crawled out from under a rock? Well, we all know it usually means that the critter has crawled out from a space beneath the rock—a space large enough for said critter to have been breathing under there. I feel as though I have been under a rock, and a very large, heavy rock—with no space for breathing and moving. Heck, I am not even certain that the rock won’t slip and flatten me again.

What’s it all about? Everything and nothing. I suspect it is mostly about getting older (notice how I skirt right around that getting old thing and write “older”? Somehow it doesn’t sound quite as bad—not so, well, final.) For one thing, aches and pains are piling up, and I don’t sleep as well. That’s all I’m going into on this topic.

Mostly, I am bouncing back and forth between a couple of involved projects and, tough as it is to admit, I’m just not speedy anymore. My photos on Death Valley languish on my hard drive; I have some new pictures from a drive to the Caliente Creek area (I included a down payment above); preparation for a new long-term project are ongoing; taxes aren’t yet done; we have an out of town trip on the horizon; and I have to deal with blog migration in the next two weeks. Otherwise, things are fairly boring here.


  1. Well I think speedy is overrated anyway.

    Glad to see you still have a few projects on the go and remember as long as you are the boss you get to decide how long it takes.


  2. Niels - This boss is going to be forced to do away with any nonsense about speedy. I'm happy to label it as overrated. It's great to hear from you.

  3. Anita, I won't even begin on the subject of getting older - a subject I've become too personally acquainted with lately.

    Sounds like you've got lots of irons in the fire at the moment. Perhaps that's a good thing, for if not; "Always gotta keep busy or the voices start telling me to do wild things - Steve Brown." Now we couldn't have you doing wild things could we? ~grin~

    The photo down payment from the Caliente Creek area is certainly plenty to keep me checking back for more. Hang in there!

  4. Hey, critter! I'm glad to see that you've crawled out from under the rock, at least temporarily, to have a look around. :-) I'm under a rock myself. Who knows when I'll surface.

    Blog migration? Moving to WordPress or something? As for the photos of Death Valley. Not to worry, I have pictures of White Sands National Monument that I'm still looking at from 2007! ;-) You've got time.

    I've been taking photos, but haven't felt like posting. Nothing to talk about, I guess.

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  6. Earl - Gee, the creakiness, the twinges and aches sure don't let me forget my age.

    I have been juggling some things that won't be terribly exciting to anyone else, but they are time-consuming and have me going. I think it is likely that staying busy is partly about silencing some unwelcome voices. Hadn't thought much about wild things, but heck now that you mention it....

    Hmmm. We have a hanging theme. Paul L is recommending a hang glider. Now here's advice about hanging. Is there something in the air?

  7. Paul - Sorry to hear that you are "under a rock". It happens, doesn't it. Well, I will see if I can stay out here in the open for a bit. But, sometimes as you said, I don't have anything to talk about. Of course, other times, I have tons to say and no time to say it.

    No, my migration is from the old Blogger to the new one. (No more FTP.) Even that is intimdating for me. One step at at time. Baby steps.

  8. Thanks for writing the post I just haven't been able to write, Anita. Lol. I sure hope there is room for a couple of us rock-hiders. I have peeked out of late, got a welcomed poke from friend Monte, and have been lurking without the energy to return to writing and photography. I am hoping this too shall pass.
    Be well. Mary Ann/qpb

  9. Mary Ann - It's lovely to hear from you. I have certainly learned that it takes a quite a lot of time and energy to keep up a blog. I am amazed by the number of people who manage consistency. I have given up ever joining those ranks. It appears that I am destined to post in fits and starts, after periods of being stuck under rocks. You can rest assured that I have complete sympathy with your lurking phase. I have confidence that it will pass. In the meantime, enjoy lurking and let someone else do the lifting.

  10. I've been the same with my own blog. It's harder work than it sounds!

  11. Rakesh - It certainly helps to know that others go through these periods. Sometimes I get lonely under my rock and think there is no one under any of the other rocks. :)


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