Thursday, March 11, 2010

Farewell to Winter—Maybe

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The day before yesterday, we said goodbye to snow for this Winter. Now, that may very well be wishful thinking. It's only early March. We are a long way from long, lazy, days filled with sunshine. At any rate, we celebrated a beautiful snowfall, and I finally got some use out of my new snow boots. We took time off for a drive around the valley simply drinking in the scenery and being grateful for living in such a beautiful place. This winter has been a bit of a blur for me. I felt as though I had missed the entire season. Now, the daffodils have peeked out from under their covers and I am fully ready to watch for spring wildflowers and longer days.

P.S. I'll be back to regular visiting and leaving bread crumbs in a few days. More about that later.


  1. Anita, I love snow that is just the right consistency to cling to tree limbs and branches and this photo is certainly that type of snow. Beautiful -- it would make a wonderful Christmas or Winter well wishes card!

    However, like you, I feel this winter has had it's turn and needs to make way for spring -- post-haste! :-)

  2. Earl - The thought of including this one in the mix for next year's Christmas cards had occurred to me. Delighted to have another vote for same.

    Will it help if I tug on the daffodils?

  3. I agree, it time for winter to take its final bow and exit stage left.

  4. daffodils? they are the yellow ones? The one way to get Sat free as a kid was to not discriminate when your chores involved helping Dad weed the garden, this relegated me to nothing but the roses and I could get through then rather quickly. So I am left with identifying flowers by color alone.
    Love the image and love snow from a distance.

  5. Ray - Yes, the yellow ones. And, more importantly, the ones the deer don't like! I am no garden expert, believe me, but you do get to know daffodils in Bear Valley Springs. (See deer reference, above.)

    I'm afraid that I, too, prefer snow as decoration to be admired from inside a warm living room, or least a car.

  6. Steve - I think it has gotten its cue, but we may be looking for the hook, this year.

  7. I think we, too, have seen the end of this Winter in South Sweden. In the North, they'll have to wait another two months. Poor people. :)
    So, your dafodils are peeking out now, that's wonderful! I think we'll have to wait another two weeks for that. The ground is still too cold. I'm soooo looking forward to this Spring.

  8. Hey, Anita. That is a dandy shot for a Christmas card. Cast my vote for it, too! :-) Looks like spring has finally sprung here. The trees are blossoming and the flowers are giving it a go as well. Springtime is much welcomed around here.

    I can't wait to hear about your Death Valley experiences.

  9. Ove - I'm glad you are seeing the end of your winter. Apparently, we are past the worst of it, but there will be plenty more cold days and probably several hard freezes during the night. I'm keeping an eye on those daffodils.

  10. Paul - I'm delighted to have another vote for this photo on a card. Every vote counts!

    You must be loving all the signs of Spring. We have a bit of a wait yet. It snowed here on Saturday, while we were in Death Valley. Slowly but surely, I will get some Death Valley posts up here.


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