Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tackling the Piles

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For much too long, I was verrrrry bad and let chores pile up. Sooner or later, one has to face up to those piles and dispense with at least a portion of them. It doesn’t matter how much you dread it. You can only postpone things so long.

Some of the catch-up work centered around file storage. I set up a couple of new hard drives that had languished in the cabinet a while and continued moving files for better organization. What tedious work.

I also installed more memory in my computer. Truth: I assisted (mostly with prep and clean up). The Husband installed. You can only imagine how chicken I am when it comes to poking around inside a computer. If I planned to do much of this sort of thing, I would dig up an old machine, then take it apart—wreck it most probably, get another and work until I could break one down and successfully put it together again. Unfortunately, I can’t work up the enthusiasm for the project. There are too many other things I want to explore that are higher priority for me.

I enjoyed very much the responses to my query on a backup scheme and have decided to follow through with that plan. I posed a couple more questions in my responses to the comments on that post, and I expect to be tweaking this strategy over time.

I’ve also spent time recently on some test shooting and checking a couple of locations in preparation for a shoot some time in the next couple of weeks. For one of the test sessions, I was at the BVS Equestrian Center and got distracted by the trees there. Let’s face it. I am frequently distracted by trees.

Finding an ideal location for pictures of horses with riders hasn’t turned out to be as easy as I had hoped it would be. There are number of reasons for that statement, but I won’t open that can of worms today. Those chores are piling up again.


  1. Always enjoy reading your blog, especially hearing your struggles with computer-related stuff, because it reminds me of how normal people use computers. And, as someone who works on computer-related things that end up in consumers' hands, it is always good for me to be reminded about normal people.

  2. Anita, I hope they never make it against the law to let things pile up. I'd be a three-time-loser for sure! ~smile~

    Oh, and I get distracted by trees too, especially interesting ones such as in your photo.

  3. Chris - Great to hear from you. I confess that I never thought of the degree to which I am intimidated as "normal", but I'm sure you are correct. I suppose most of us don't know our way around inside these magical boxes that sit under or atop our desks and hold so much vital information.

    I take no pleasure in being such a computer dummy, but I will take comfort in knowing that it may help others in some small way. Thanks for making me feel better about my limitations.

  4. Earl - Goodness even the mention of a law against letting things pile up sent shivers up my spine. Like you, I would definitely end up "in the big house" for a lifetime sentence.

    I have two criteria for taking a measure of people. They should be fond of dogs and appreciate trees. Those who don't meet those two criteria start off at a disadvantage. Not an insurmountable one, but it makes a difference.

  5. I've heard that you can tell a lot about a person by what their pets are like. :)

    I need to go photograph some trees. In my last few trips, I mostly photographed mountains and lakes. :)


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