Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't Leave Home Without It-The Camera That Is

(Click on the thumbnail for the bigger, better version)

Every time I am tempted to leave my camera at home, I think about the many times when I have regretted that decision. One never knows what the light will be, what the world will offer, what moments will unfold.

Still, when we head down to Cub Lake for a walk, I often think, “Gee, the camera is heavy. I don’t need it. I have more photos to process than I will ever finish. I should spend more time walking and less time photographing.” You know the dialogue.

Lately, I can almost never leave the camera behind. I suppose that I one day I may have to forego the camera, just to demonstrate to myself that I am still in charge.


  1. Being in charge is highly overrated and typically an illusion. Lol :) I love this photo, Anita, and I hope you never leave your camera at home.

    I'm having some fun, returning to old photos and reprocessing them. I find that I reprocess much differently now than I did six months ago and a year ago. I have no idea what that means. I will pretend it means personal growth in my photographer's view. In all actuality, it has more to do with better bifocals.

    Put that camera pack on, woman! :) Have a great weekend. Mary Ann

  2. What a relief to give up on being in charge. I wasn't sure I was up to it anyway. :)

    It's a little crazy-making, isn't it? Not only do we make new photos to review, file, back up, and process; but, we want to go back and re-do the old ones. That's what makes it so difficult for me to delete marginal images. As my processing techniques evolve, I see images differently. Sigh. More processing on my to-do list and I haven't even gotten new bifocals.

    You have a great weekend, too.

  3. Being in charge is highly overrated. Being out of control but knowing how to enjoy and make the most out of the ride--that's where it's at! ;-)

    First, the lighting in the photo is beautiful. Then the foreground, the dark peninsula to the left, the light peninsula with people on the right, the far bank of the lake and finally the mountains in the background each step you eye deeper into the photo giving it great depth--almost 3D. Well done my friend!

  4. Earl - The votes are piling up. So much for being in control.

    Nature is a wonderful artist, eh? Goodness knows I don't get credit for that depth. Thank you Earl for the thumbs up on my part. I am delighted that you like this one. Those few moments of that light were a real gift.

  5. I agree, the light here is wonderful. You do deserve credit because you are the one that made the image of it.

    Even though I have heard it a thousand times - always keep your camera with you - I still do not. So many factors of my non-photographic life just interfere to much. I find I really need to be in the zone and dedicated. I haven't found a way to overcome that yet.

  6. Mark - Thank you for your kind words. I do have trouble taking credit when the light is this beautiful. Thanks for the credit.

    I am bit obsessive about having my camera handy so much of the time, and that is probably because it is all relatively new to me. Waiting until you are in the zone certainly pays off for you since you produce gorgeous and inspiring work.

  7. Didn't you find your pocket sized Canon recently? Use that one more often. It's a descision, too, preserving the illusion you're in charge. ;-)

    I have to chime it with the others. What an image! It is really a beautiful place, your little spot on earth , and you know how to capture it from its best side.

  8. Ove- I like your thinking. I can maintain an illusion of being in charge. Nice.

    Thank you for your comment on the photograph. Plus, you have nicely summed up my point of view. I do seek to capture it from its best side. I appreciate its good points, celebrate its beauty, and want to share that with others. Thanks again.


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