Monday, June 29, 2009

Problem at SoFoBoMo site

Has anyone else had trouble logging in at the site? When I attempt to log in, I get a page that is very long and filled with code. It's strange because I logged in yesterday. I wanted to be certain that I could get in and I wanted to review the instructions for upload. On that occasion, the log in was straightforward. However, for the last couple of hours, I have had no luck logging in. I haven't seen any mention of anyone else having difficulty. Maybe it's something going on with my system. Still, I have visited several other sites, logged into accounts at three of them, and had no other problems. Maybe someone can shed some light on this.


  1. Your book looks to be more than well worth the effort. I loved the naturalness of the colors in your pictures. They made me feel like I was there, with the only thing missing being the lovely smell you must have enjoyed.

    The buck featured in a few pictures will have a nice full rack as the year progresses, so keep an eye out for him. A rule of thumb for Mule deer is that from the center of the head to the tip of an ear is close to 12". He seems to have about a 27" spread to to the main fork of the antlers. He is in his prime.

    Job well done and thank you so much for sharing.

    Steve Weeks

  2. Steve - How lovely to hear from you. I sorely miss your blog. I hope you will pick it up again at some point.

    Thank you so much for your comments on my book. I was hoping for strong, but natural color and appreciate the feedback.

    Comments about smell are fascinating to me. I have no sense of smell—can't remember ever being able to smell anything except the strongest odors, such a gardenia or new leather, if my nose were pressed into the object. It means that I miss a great deal of the sensory experience in a place like the canyon. I comfort myself by thinking about all the unpleasant smells to which I am oblivious.

    The buck is a beauty, isn't he? Thanks a million for the interesting information about the spread of the Mule deer's antlers. Very nice to know. I certainly hope to see this one again.


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