Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Joys of Retirement

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Commit to new project. Clarify deadlines. Research completed. Progress underway. Delays encountered. Commit to another project. Clarify deadlines. Progress on both projects underway. Expand first project. More deadlines. More progress. Complete first project. Delays on second project. Add still another project. Attempt to juggle deadlines. Postpone one project. Research long-term project. And, so on.

Ahh. I’m enjoying this time to just sit back and relax. Now, I forget—did we end up bringing a rocking chair, after all? Must ask The Husband about that.


  1. Is that how it is supposed to work? :-) Looking forward to retirement!! Beautiful image by the way - a very elegant composition.

  2. Ah, what a beautiful shot. Snow is best viewed from the comfort of my seat looking at photographs of it. Today was a nice, breezy, 70-degree day here in Charleston. :-)

    BTW, if that's your description of retirement, it sure sounds a lot like my work!!! ;-)

  3. Mark - Obviously, I liked working, since the projects are self-generated and don't involve a regular salary. Can't seem to help myself. I am delighted that you like the image.

  4. Paul - I am so pleased to know that some others find that scene a pleasant one.

    You have a cruel streak, you know it? Now would I rub it in on Mark, up there freezing in Michigan that we don't have much more snow left and today it hit the low 50's? 70 degrees! Harrumph. How did I end up the mountains, for heavens sake? My body is still in shock.

  5. :-) But I said that it was a beautiful scene! I thought that we were swapping weather reports. ;-)

  6. Paul - You know that was just my jealousy talking. I have to admit that, while this place is gorgeous and I am happy to be here, I am struggling mightily to adjust to having honest-to-goodness winter weather. I am so typical of a Texan (central Texas) and a southern Californian in that I find 60 degrees "a little chilly". Anything below 50 is downright intolerable.

  7. I'd appreciate a photo essay on the meaning of winter in your neck of the woods, it's kind of a thing I'm on. Sounds like you might be a new comer to winters.
    Congrats on retirement, I suspect this means that you will now have more things you want to do rather than less.
    By the way you have a quaint way of referring to "The Husband".

  8. Welcome, Bob. I did a bit of lurking at your site recently and plan a return visit with my speaking voice next time. I love that deer blind!

    You want to call me out on being a total cry-baby wimp when it comes to weather, don't you. I confess. I don't know anything about real winter. I have lived a sheltered life. But, hey, it's relative. From my perspective, this here is serious winter. "New comer" is right. I have seen more snow this winter than I had seen all the rest of my life put together.

    You also figured out that I have no one else to blame for all my deadlines. Projects. Can't live with them. Can't live without them.

    As for the way of referring to The Husband. He gets a kick out it. At least, he says that he does. And, I'm careful to often make him the hero of many stories. Besides, I suspect that he likes being a man with a slight air of mystery about him.

  9. On winters, it is good to hear the perspective of winters from a newbie.

  10. Bob, I certainly qualify. Perhaps I will 'fess up even more about my new and improved understanding of "winter".


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